August On Repeat

Written by Rob Sherwood

5 New Clients 

During August, we started working with 5 new and exciting clients. 

We’ve recently seen a growth in e-commerce clients with this month being no exception. Our new clients last month range considerably from fragrance to fashion and food to events.

TikToks Ads

After recently starting Snapchat Ads for clients, we’re now supporting clients with TikTok Ads! 

TikTok’s meteoric growth has led to the channel outperforming Twitter and Snapchat for global active users. The infographic above shows the number of users for each social media platform, with TikTok featuring in the top 4, despite it being relatively new.

It’s increasingly becoming one of the main ad platforms and has proved to be very successful for e-commerce clients with strong graphics and video content.

Barney Joins Repeat

Our growth in clients has led to us hiring a new Account Manager. Barney started with us last week, bringing with him a wealth of SEO knowledge and a great sense of humour!

It’s always exciting to bring in a new face to the company, as well as a new set of skills and we’re looking forward to offering SEO to more clients as the team grows.

Welcome to the team Barney – just in time for the staff meal!

Staff Meal

Having had Emily and Barney join us over the last couple of months, we thought it would be the perfect time to enjoy a team meal and get to know everyone.

Okay, so we realise we’re not fooling anyone with that image, but we were all too excited about our food to stop and take pictures!

Emily treks through Peak District
Barney explores the forest

Annual Leave

After hoarding annual leave like a squirrel stashing nuts for winter and following an ease in Covid-19 restrictions, the team have been enjoying some time off with staycations all over the country.

Barney ventured to the Norfolk coast. Rob spent a few days down in Cornwall. Lokesh explored Manchester. Emily trekked the Peak District and Olly & Kam danced their hearts out at Leeds festival!