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Last week in our ‘jargon explained’ series, we spoke about lead magnets. We explained that lead magnets provide content to users in exchange for a piece of information that will help turn them into a lead. For example, an email address can be used to target consumers using email marketing, with their permission of course. Company names and phone numbers can also be really useful.

However, there aren’t even enough fingers to count how many times a day we are asked for our email addresses, and so consumers have become wise. They’re not just going to hand over their information for anything, the content has to be of high value to them. So, what are the qualities of a great piece of lead magnet content?

1. High value

This seems pretty obvious but can be hard to get right. In order for a consumer to part with their information, they are going to want to receive something in return that they perceive to be of high value to them. Nailing this really comes down to knowing your target audience. What is their goal? What are their pain points? What kind of visuals do they engage with?

2. Instant access

Fact: people are impatient. How frustrating is it when you give over your email address for a discount code and it takes days for the code to arrive. Chances are you’ve gone somewhere else, or just completely forgotten about the purchase altogether, potentially losing you a valuable customer. The same goes for lead magnet content, users want their information to be available straight away. It’s important to set up automations for this, so content is accessible immediately.

3. Unique

What are you providing your consumers with that isn’t readily available on Google? It could be that your content provides information or data that your company has been collecting over a period of time. It could be a round-up on content that has been collated into one place. Or it could just be content that gives your unique perspective.

Everything can be found on Google (other search platforms are also available), so really think about how your content is going to help the consumer, or make their life easier.

4. Specific

Something that’s great about lead magnet content is that it’s focussed and allows consumers to filter out all the noise of the internet. It allows them to access content that is going to help them achieve a particular goal, so keep it niche. Read through your content and cut out anything that doesn’t directly help achieve the goal. In this case, less is definitely more.

5. Achievable

Lead magnets should solve a problem, and they should do it quickly. Think about content that is going to provide your consumer with a ‘quick-win.’ How are they going to be able to use this information to solve a short-term problem?

6. Easily Digestible

Lead magnet content should be easy. Easy to read, easy to look at, easy to follow. If you have a long piece of content, think about how it can be broken down into easily digestible chunks. A couple of great ways of doing this is to break longer pieces of text into bullet points, or use your information to create a checklist.

How can Lead Magnet Content Help Your Business?

Lead magnet content is all about ease, achieving a goal and making the consumer’s life simpler. It’s a great way to get people to give you information that can be used in your marketing strategy, and create valuable leads.

Olly Fisher

Olly Fisher

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