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Earlier this week, we officially launched our new website and therefore the start of our new brand journey, which we have been working on behind the scenes for a little while now. We’ve developed a whole new colour palette, a jazzy new logo and a new website that we feel will be pivotal in enhancing our client experience.

We wanted to share a little more with you and explain how and why we’ve rebranded.

What Do We Mean By A ‘Brand?’

This seems like a simple question, but a brand is more than just a logo, it’s packed with stories, voices, and visuals, that all contribute to how we feel about a company.

We took the time to assess how we want to be perceived as a brand, how we want our clients to feel, and what we want to look like. This, ultimately, has shaped the development of our new branding. Our tone of voice was defined as the following;





Why Re-Brand Now?

For us, there has never been a better time to take our branding to a new level. As an agency, we have grown exponentially after the past few years and we felt it was only right that our brand grew and developed with us.

In order to continue to grow, we felt it was important to create a brand that is accessible to those who are unfamiliar with the digital marketing industry, as well as seasoned digital marketers and businesses.

This also coincided with the joining of our new Creative Marketing Manager, Emily, who has been working to create a new image for Repeat.

The New Elements

Although the design of the logo was kept the same, we gave our colour palette a serious facelift, curating a set of colours that felt professional whilst not being too serious. The navy blue allows us to create depth in our branding, combining it with red, orange and yellow to add pops of colour that stand out in a sea of visuals.

We’ve also overhauled our typography and the way in which we use type to convey messages.

Montserrat has been selected as our primary font. It’s clean lines and simple round shaping renders it easy to read and accessible, just how we want our brand to be conveyed. In order to create some juxtaposition, we’ve used Merrriweather as a supporting, secondary typeface. Adding a serif font adds a certain level of professionalism and authority to the brand, without it overpowering the more fun, fluid motion of the Montserrat font.

The Website

Websites are a huge part of a brand’s identity and ours just wasn’t representing us in the way that we’d want our clients to view us. The new site is focused heavily on using an interface that’s easy to navigate, allowing those who are unfamiliar with the digital marketing world, to discover services to suit their needs.

The colour palette and use of bold typography are used to allow the user to feel confident in both our ability and their understanding of how we can help them.

What’s Next?

We, of course, understand that the work involved in building a brand is never done. It takes time and persistence to build a brand that feels authentic and is recognised by the user as something comfortable. We will continue to build on our user experience, branding and marketing, and allow ourselves to grow with the times.

Looking at the bigger picture, we will continue to grow our contribution to the digital marketing industry and aiding businesses to grow with us. As our brand continues to flourish, we aim to remain true to our core values and build an agency that’s conscious of its contribution to the climate.

Olly Fisher

Olly Fisher

Hey, Olly here! I founded Repeat Digital in 2017 and am currently the Managing Director. My role as MD means I have to get involved in so many aspects of the business, from operations & client services to HR & consoling the losers of the intense office ping pong battles. I have an obsession with ponds & frogs to the point where my goal in life is to have a large body of water in my garden with lots of wildlife. There’s just something magical about the depths of a garden pond! I aim to keep fit by playing football, squash, pumping iron & winning at ping pong. My jam is pop punk, I love a bit of Blink 182!

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