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The Agency Round-Up

Meg Scott_Digital Marketing Executive

Meg joins Repeat

Over the last couple months we’ve been on the hunt for a great Digital Marketing Executive to join our team to support our new and exciting clients. So, on Monday we welcomed Meg as the newest member of the team.

Meg now stands as the sixth NTU alumni to join us, having graduated with a degree in English earlier this year. With her keen interest and experience in writing, she will be key in supporting our content marketing strategies within the company as well as developing her skills across the board in SEO. She will be working closely with Barney as she helps develop SEO strategies for our ever-growing list of clients.

An avid Snowsports fan, Meg has worked as a host in ski chalets as well as in surf shops and in San Diego!

Growth in SEO clients

As if to prove that Meg is a well-needed addition to the Repeat team, our next big news of the month is our huge growth in SEO clients.

SEO is a marketing strategy that has changed significantly over the past few years, and therefore, there has been a rise in the number of clients seeking SEO services. As something that is continually changing and developing, many businesses require support from agencies with their SEO strategies, to ensure they are growing and reaching new audiences.

Hootsuite Social Trends 2022 webinar

Although we don’t currently offer Social Media Marketing services, it’s always great for us to know how trends are developing and changing in order for us to be able to best advise our clients on all aspects of marketing. This month we attended the Hootsuite Social Trends 2022 webinar to get an insight into what trends are going to be big in 2022.

We found that the trends all leaned towards a growth in the demand for more honest content. Whether this be through the use of Creation Communities or how we create content for platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, people want to see something real.

The key takeaway for us was the focus on social ecommerce, and how social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, are now, more than ever, being used directly for shopping. This means it’s vital that ecommerce businesses optimise their social storefront and ensure the best possible experience for their consumers.

Focus on personal development

This month we have signed up for Skillshare which has allowed us all to develop our skills in other areas of the business and across the broader marketing field. One of the key values for our business is being progressive, meaning that we are constantly pushing personal development and keeping our eye on the latest techniques.

This month, Rob has completed a course on Digital PR, whilst Emily has been developing her skills in After Effects. Two of our Account Managers, Kam and Sam have been completing lessons on the Facebook Pixel and campaign writing.

Office planning

After a long run up to the signing of our new office lease, we have finally got the keys to our new place! We’re not quite ready to move in yet but we have been busy planning the set up and designing the space ready for our growing team.

We hope to be in the office really soon so keep an eye out for pictures of our swanky new place!

The Industry Round-Up

Black Friday weekend

The Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend is arguably the biggest weekend of the year for many ecommerce businesses. Consumers typically spend billions of pounds a day online, with a huge increase in tech consumption. However, this year, there has been a downward trend in the amount consumers have spent.

There are a number of things that could have triggered this decrease in spending. For a start, there has been global supply chain shortages across many industries, resulting in a lot of businesses being short on their usual Black Friday supplies.

Another possible reason for this could be the growth in consumption earlier on in the year, with many businesses starting their sale period as early as October. This is actually really great news for ecommerce businesses, meaning that the consumption is still there. For those businesses who are on the ball, this could be a great opportunity to get ahead of the competition by stepping up your Black Friday marketing efforts, earlier in the year.

Another interesting point to note is that, according to data collected by Adobe, a massive 44.4% of users completed their online purchases on mobile. This is a 10.6% increase from the previous year, supporting Hootsuite’s trend report of an increase in social commerce for 2022.

Bing announces page insights

We often talk about big updates from Google, but in November there has been a change from Bing, who have launched page insights. This update shows users a lightbulb icon next to their search which allows you to view a short summary of the information on the page, helping users find what they’re looking for faster. This is essentially Bing’s version of the snippet.

Microsoft Bing Page Insights

This update has been long awaited, with Bing testing this insights feature since June 2021. It’s a good idea to run a test on your most important keywords to ensure your snippet and images are accurate and up to date.

Google’s core update

Google rolls out core updates several times a year that affect the algorithms and systems of Google in a bigger way than the regular update.

Larger updates like this can often hit your page rankings in an expected way. However, Google has advised that a decrease in your page ranking following the update doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong with your page. They have, however, provided advice on what you can do to improve these rankings, with a large focus being on creating relevant and interesting content for your site.

This advice seems to follow the overall trend in the rising importance of content. With more content ever than available on the internet, it’s becoming increasingly important across the board to produce content that people want to read, establishing yourself as thought leaders in your industry.

That’s all for this month. Time to get the office Christmas decs up and gear up for a busy and exciting month ahead!

Olly Fisher

Olly Fisher

Hey, Olly here! I founded Repeat Digital in 2017 and am currently the Managing Director. My role as MD means I have to get involved in so many aspects of the business, from operations & client services to HR & consoling the losers of the intense office ping pong battles. I have an obsession with ponds & frogs to the point where my goal in life is to have a large body of water in my garden with lots of wildlife. There’s just something magical about the depths of a garden pond! I aim to keep fit by playing football, squash, pumping iron & winning at ping pong. My jam is pop punk, I love a bit of Blink 182!

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