PPC, Can It Work For You?

Why is PPC Beneficial for SME’s? 

Small businesses usually have limited budgets, resources and time meaning PPC doesn’t cross their mind. By using PPC and by hiring a specialist PPC agency like Repeat Digital, the pressure of running good marketing campaigns for a business will be a weight lifted off their shoulders. Pay Per Click marketing is a brilliant way to target specific demographics. It even allows you to reach specific areas in the world via location settings.

So, What Makes PPC Beneficial for SME’s?

  • Budget Friendly – No matter how big or small your marketing budget is, PPC will always find a way to generate leads and results for your company
  • Easily Measurable – Google Adwords allows you to monitor the performance of all your campaigns. This means customers can be given a weekly/monthly/yearly report quickly and easily. If a campaign is not performing and wasting money, it will be paused until it is improved. This, stops money going down the drain.
  • Laser Targeted – PPC ads are brilliant for targeting very specific groups of people and locations. Settings in Google AdWords allow you to pinpoint key areas in which you want to target. This is ideal for SME’s who may only want to reach a select few customers. For example, a 10 mile radius around their business/store will be chosen to target that specific town/city.
  • Generates Brand Awareness – Even if a user does not click on your companies ad, PPC marketing is still generating brand recognition via the keywords used. This means that if a customer doesn’t click an ad, your brand is still getting online recognition.

Pay Per Clicks Works for Almost Any Business

Most people believe PPC is an expensive, money wasting form of marketing. This means that a lot of SME’s are put off the idea without knowing all the facts. PPC is actually probably one of the best forms of marketing as it is suitable for any budget size.

Here at Repeat Digital we manage accounts for clients who have small budgets of £100 per month to huge businesses that spend £15,000 per month. No matter how big or small your company budget may be, there is always a way to generate amazing results through PPC marketing.

A Post By Olly Fisher

Published On August 14, 2018