September On Repeat

Written by Emily Petherick

Kam and Loki go to Brighton SEO

A breakdown of the month at Repeat Digital and round-up of industry news.

The Agency Round-Up

Sam Joins Repeat

It’s getting pretty busy in the Repeat Digital office as this month we have welcomed another member to the team, Sam!

Sam joins us as a Digital Account Manager and has an amazing eight years of experience in the industry, working for some huge names, so we feel very privileged to have him on board.

Outside work, Sam loves the gym and is a big film nerd (his words, not ours). A fun fact about Sam is that he used to work as an Ice Cream Man! Hoping you still have a few connections there, Sam!

Stay tuned on our socials for his full introduction video where we’ll be asking some pretty hard-hitting questions like, ‘if you were a sweet, what sweet would you be?’

Brighton SEO

Ah, Brighton SEO. A highlight in any true Digital Marketing nerds’ calendar. This year we sent two of our PPC experts, Kam and Loki, down to the South to join the day-long conference and brush up on their SEO knowledge.

With Repeat gaining more and more international clients, Kam and Loki highlighted Lidia Infante’s talk on ‘keyword research in foreign languages,’ as one of their stand-out talks of the day. Although only a short 20-minute talk, they came away feeling inspired to push themselves and dive into the world of international keyword research.

The day overall was well worth the trip, with talks covering topics we’d never thought of combining (we’re talking about Helene Jelenc’s talk on anthropological research in SEO, here), and some great thought-provoking content. The shark-shaped stickers were pretty cool too and have added nicely to Kam’s ever-growing collection.

Kam Goes Back to School

Having recognised Kam’s achievements and huge amount of experience, his alma mater, Derby Moor, invited him back to school as part of their teacher training day. Throughout the day he was able to share his knowledge of the Digital Marketing industry with the current teachers and some of his fellow alumni.

Kam found the experience really rewarding and looks forward to the opportunity to inspire the next generation of students. Hey, some of them may even go on to join Repeat!

Seven New Clients

Last month we reported we had won 5 new clients, and we’re very pleased to say that, this month, we’ve managed to beat that number.

September sees the signing of 7 awesome new clients, ranging from Cleanroom Solutions to Hair Curlers.

Another amazing month for client growth.

Loki Goes Full Time

During Loki’s time at Repeat we’ve begrudgingly been sharing him with Nottingham Trent University, where he has been completing his Masters in Digital Marketing. However, this month marks the end of his degree and he is finally joining us full-time.

We can’t wait for him to be a permanent part of the Repeat team, and congratulations on your degree Loki. Be sure to come back in December to see Loki in his cap and gown at his official graduation.

The Industry Round-Up

Google Ups Its Use of Title Tag

Google has recently reported that they are now favouring title tags in their search results even more than they were before. 7% more to be exact.

So, what does this actually mean for you and your website? Well, it’s good news if you’re writing great titles that people want to click on because there is now less chance of these being chopped up and changed around. The update feels like a step in the right direction and has generally been praised by SEOs, with Dr. Pete Myers saying kudos to Google for listening and adjusting.’ There are improvements to be made but this feels like a win for everyone at this stage.

Google Are Combining Smart and Standard Display Campaigns

This one is a pretty nice update that will maximise the ways in which we can distribute Display campaigns, without any extra effort on our part *breathes a sigh of relief*.

By combining Smart and Standard Display campaigns, users will be able to create and manage their campaigns as always, with the added bonus of being able to decide the level of automation needed.

Instagram Introduces Ads for Shop Tab

Instagram, fairly recently, added the option for ads to be placed on the Explore page of the platform, providing a much greater audience reach than the typical Feed ads.

In an extension to this, they have now announced that they are enabling ads to be placed on the Shop tab. Much like Google Shopping ads, this allows your campaigns to be placed in front of the user while their minds are in purchase mode (high intent). Definitely one to consider using for your campaigns.

Microsoft Ads Announces Optimisation Score

Another update that will help in developing great campaigns that are fully optimised. This is particularly useful for anyone new to Digital Marketing as it allows users to see recommendations for any changes they may want to make to their campaign, in order for it to be fully optimised.

Another amazing feature of this is the ‘uplift percentage,’ allowing users to see how much a specific change will increase or decrease their optimisation.

That’s it for September! Time to power on through the fourth quarter and smash some more targets. Anyone else hoping for some Halloween content next month?