How to use the top SEO trends for 2022 in your strategy

2024 marketing trends

As we enter the second half of 2022 (how quickly has that gone?), we’re assessing the biggest SEO trends of the year, and analysing the ones we think will stick.

We take a look at how new updates and algorithms are going to affect the future of SEO and the impact that they will have on your strategy.

Narrowed down to just five trends, these are set to have the biggest impact on SEO for the rest of 2022 and beyond.

1. AI for both Search Engines and SEOs

Google’s goal has always been to provide the best answer to a search. It’s no secret that Google has been using AI for years to help its algorithms to better understand human language or NLP (Natural Language Processing).

In 2019, Multitask Unified Model (MUM) was released, which is an update on an algorithm that aims to understand the full meaning of a users’ search query. Prior to this, certain keywords in a query that could fundamentally change the meaning, were often ignored.

MUM now looks at incorporating images, videos and other media to better understand the meaning of a query and provide more appropriate search results. In 2022, it’s important that marketers produce content that is not just a great text response, but also incorporates various types of media to enhance the value of the content.

The MUM update also uses AI to build and develop knowledge in other languages, meaning that it’s going to be a lot easier for marketers to get their content seen on a more international scale.


How to use the trend in your SEO strategy

When producing content, always have your audience in mind and think about the value it’s going to provide them.

The best, highest ranking content answers users’ queries in the most efficient way possible. Sometimes text isn’t the best way to communicate a solution, but can be a video, image or graph. Think about not only what the best response to the user’s query is, but also the most efficient way of delivering that response.

2. IndexNow

IndexNow is a new initiative championed by Bing and Yandex to get websites instantly indexed without having to wait weeks or months and missing out on significant numbers of potential traffic. It works by sharing all indexed information with all other participants. It’s still in the early stages but the technology is available to any search engine with a significant foothold in any market.

You can either manually submit requests or, if you’re on WordPress, you can install a plugin.


How to use the trend in your SEO strategy

This is massively going to benefit anyone consistently publishing great new content, as search engines are going to be able to index your content straight away, essentially meaning you could start getting traffic from the word go.

Take advantage of this by making sure you submit your IndexNow requests for any pieces of content that have great ranking potential.

3. Core Web Vitals

When Core Web Vitals (CWV) was first announced it caused a huge rush in website owners looking to improve their site speed as it was confirmed that it would be a ranking factor. Since then the SEO community has recognised that they may not be as important as first thought.

Google’s John Mueller has since confirmed that CWV will be used as a tie-breaker when two pages can’t be decided based on content and other ranking factors. Sounds simple enough but the likelihood of two pages being identical in every other factor is slim to none.

Those still professing that CWV should be a focus of SEO efforts may not be prioritising the most impactful tasks.


How to use the trend in your SEO strategy

Prioritise content. Site speed may play a small role in your rankings but the priority is still on creating valuable content.

Do in-depth keyword research before producing a piece of content.

Ask yourself, does this piece of content:

1. Match the user’s intent? Are they looking for in-depth information, a product comparison, a quick solution?

2. Communicate the solution in the best way possible? Does a video response suit this query better than a text response?

3. Provide more value than the competition? What are you adding that others aren’t? A piece of data? A unique point of view?

Make your first focus tasks that are going to move the needle.

4. Sustainability

Likely not a surprise for most but sustainability is fast becoming a global trend, not just in SEO.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the source of their goods and the impact of the services and it would be remiss not to consider this when crafting your sites. From messaging in copy to the images and pages created for a site, sustainability should be a talking point.

Tapping into the consumer’s mindset is essential to stay ahead of the game. 


How to use the trend in your SEO strategy

Know your customers and their priorities inside-out and always have this information in mind when writing any piece of content, whether that’s on your website or across your socials.

5. Content is (still) king

Despite changes in many other areas and a renewed focus on expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness, content is still king.

In the past many put too much focus on areas such as domain authority and technical errors but we’re seeing with the introduction of BERT, MUM etc that more and more prevalence is being put into actual content. 


How to use the trend in your SEO strategy

We’ve been saying it throughout the whole article, but it’s all about the content. Valuable content.

Try to add a different perspective, or way of communicating your content to your audience. Don’t be afraid to do things your competitors aren’t necessarily doing, or producing content in formats your competitors aren’t currently using.

Once you’ve published your content, don’t just leave it there and forget about it. Distribute it, promote it, update it, optimise it.


Some trends come and go, but these five key pieces are here for the long run.

The takeaway: put more value on producing amazing pieces of content that your audience loves. Think about who you’re producing the content for, and always have your audience in the back of your mind.

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