Why We Work So Well With Marketing Managers

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At Repeat, we love working with marketing departments. In marketing speak, they’re our target audience. Because of this, we’ve really tailored processes to deliver a self-proclaimed, unbeatable service for marketing departments across the UK. 

Extension of their team

We strive to be part of our client’s immediate team. We don’t want to be considered as an external agency that just “does our PPC and SEO”.  By extension of their team, we aim to:

  • Have good relationships with our clients
  • Understand what is going on in their business
  • Understand their business goals
  • Celebrate the wins
  • Share the load for the not so good times
  • Ensure they can count on us
  • Be part of their journey


Focus on their marketing KPIs

Marketing managers are usually working to their own KPIs. That’s why one of our first questions is, “What are your marketing KPIs?”. Once we know these we can align our focus to help you hit them. Then you can go back to your boss and get your well-deserved credit, and hopefully a pay rise/promotion!  We don’t send over complex reports with irrelevant stats on them. Our reports will always have your KPIs front and centre, so you know how we’re comparing against the overall target. 

Weekly meetings 

With many of our clients, we have a weekly meeting booked in as it’s super useful for us to regularly check in on results and progress. Some clients would cringe at the thought of a meeting every week and prefer fortnightly or monthly meetings, or even ad hoc meetings, so we’re always flexible to our client’s needs in this regard. Obviously, the key is that the meetings need to be a good use of time. Here’s a loose guide we use for our meetings:

  • Pleasantries (sometimes this includes lengthy chats about personal goings on)
  • Sharing reports of results (which align with KPIs)
  • Discussing why results exceeded/met/fell short of KPIs
  • Plans for the next week/fortnight/month
  • Questions/requests from either side
  • Goodbyes 🙂 



Having a Whatsapp group set up with our client and account managers is such a simple but effective form of comms, perfect for those super quick questions that don’t require a detailed response, but would benefit from a fast response. Another thing we love WhatsApp messaging for is to celebrate wins, no matter how big or small. As our goal is often to drive leads to our client’s website, we have oversight of the leads that come in, so when we see our PPC campaigns bringing in leads like Netflix, Liverpool FC, Amazon, etc we get rather excited and can’t help but send a celebratory Whatsapp.

Direct access to technical account managers

At Repeat, we hire technical people who are also amazing with people and comms. This is one of the big benefits our client’s have flagged to us.  This avoids the need to go through a middleman, such as an account manager, in order to get technical answers, eliminating steps and speeding up the whole process.

Rolling with the punches

The digital landscape changes quickly and can often impact performance. One big example was the IOS changes which severely impacted Facebook Ads conversion tracking and reduced the power of Facebook’s algorithms, therefore impacting the performance of campaigns.  Being an agency at the forefront of the industry meant we dived straight in and worked tirelessly to improve the situation. This included implementing CAPI pixel conversion tracking and setting up aggregated event management as per Facebook’s best practice. 

Trying new things

Presenting new strategies for our clients to test is super important. Not testing can lead to massive missed opportunities. One example that springs to mind is us testing a Facebook lead form ad campaign for our client, Dan & Abbi from the marketing department at Navitas Safety. Lead form ads led to a cost per lead of £20-£30 vs the £50-£60 being achieved from the standard image and video Facebook ad campaigns.  It can be so easy to fall into the trap of keeping things the same if they’re working well. Makes sense, but what if you then miss out on something that could do even better?  At Repeat, we’re always on the pulse with all things digital marketing. If we see something that could do well for your business then we’ll let you know about it alongside a business case proposal.


We love educating our clients on what we do so they really understand the value we provide.  This ranges from training them on how to better use Google Analytics to going deep into one of their PPC accounts we’re managing. Some agencies may be scared to do this as they might think the client will just fire them and do it themselves. In our experience, a client’s understanding of what we do only enhances the relationship and performance of our campaigns.


Things don’t always go to plan. When that happens, it’s essential that the real facts are presented so lessons can be obtained by all. There’s too much embellishment of mistakes in business, probably down to fear of looking silly or even worse, getting fired!  We’ve committed to having a safe space at Repeat where honest mistakes can happen, without negative repercussions. After all, you learn most when mistakes are made. 

Would your marketing department benefit from working with an agency like Repeat? 

We’d love to know more about your company’s marketing and see how we can help you take it to the next level. If you’d like to have an initial chat with us, then please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to organise a call.  P.S. If you’re a marketing manager, you might appreciate this write-up on why we think marketing managers are the best!

Olly Fisher

Olly Fisher

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