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Becker Case Study
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The Client

In the bustling world of industrial solutions, Becker stands tall.

They’ve been offering customer-oriented vacuum solutions worldwide since 1885 – that’s some pedigree!

For years, they’ve been the silent powerhouse behind countless industries, from the precision required in medical technology to the robust needs of manufacturing.

Becker’s range of vacuum pumps, compressors, and pneumatic systems are not just products; they’re lifelines for businesses demanding efficiency and reliability.

Yet, despite their undeniable prowess in the physical realm, Becker faced a conundrum that many legacy brands encounter – translating their offline dominance into digital success.

In an era where online presence is not just an extension but often the heart of a business, Becker’s digital footprint in the UK needed to mirror the excellence of their engineering achievements.

The Challenge:

Becker faced a significant hurdle. Despite their innovative solutions capable of transforming their industry, their online visibility didn’t match their real-world reputation, at least in the UK.

The digital landscape is vast, and without a strategic approach, even well-established companies can struggle to stand out – that’s where we stepped in.

Through our SEO work, we decided to initially tackle the following:


Boost Becker’s Online Presence: We wanted to align Becker’s digital visibility with their offline prestige, highlighting their leadership in the industry and utilising E-E-A-T practise.

Widen Audience Engagement: The strategy aimed to attract a broader audience while preserving Becker’s technical credibility, ensuring the brand’s message resonated clearly and effectively.

Technical Fixes: We wanted to fix as many technical SEO and on-page SEO issues as possible, while targeting specific pages and keywords, utilising programmatic fixes.


The Goals

Skyrocket Organic Traffic

The aim was to increase site visitors. Not just any visitors, but those genuinely interested in vacuum and pneumatic solutions.

This was about quality as much as quantity, targeting keywords from both competitors and keywords in niches we covered burt weren’t quite ranking for yet.

Craft a Killer Content Strategy

Content is the voice of your brand online. We planned to create a content matrix that answered every possible question a potential customer might have, positioning Becker as the ultimate industry authority.

This is something we’re using as a paart of our ongoing longform strategy for Becker, in tandem with a content creation calendar aimed specifically at longform blog content.


Sharpen Lead Qualification

Understanding who’s interested in your products is crucial. With advanced call tracking, we aimed to peel back the layers of our audience, understanding their needs better.

This gave Becker some actionable insights to help boost their inbound calls team – we found calls where details weren’t being taken in a timely manner thanks to our software used and then offered fixes.

Boost Site Speed

In the digital world, speed is synonymous with respect. A fast-loading site shows you value the user’s time.

We offered our technical suggestions to the development team worked with to get the site running as fast as we could.


Optimise Google Business Profile

Local SEO is often the unsung hero of digital strategy. By optimising Becker’s GMB profile, we aimed to make them the first choice for local searches in their industry.

We also created a workflow to upload and promote Becker’s products through the Google Business Profile.


PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click advertising is like the sprinter of digital marketing – fast and focused. We aimed to design PPC campaigns that would not just attract clicks, but clicks that convert.

This is achieved through meticulous work in paid advertising, paired with solid taregeting and maintenance of the advertsing campaigns.

Look out for our PPC Overview for Becker to be uploaded soon!


The Strategy

 Digital and SEO Makeover

Refreshing Becker’s digital presence began with foundational SEO work. We tackled the essentials—headline tags, meta descriptions, and image alt texts—optimising each to ensure Becker’s site stood out in search engine results, utilising targeted keywords at the optimal frequency for ranking gains.

Content That Connects

Our approach to content was to engage Becker’s audience with compelling stories. The content matrix served as our guide, covering topics from the specifics of vacuum pumps to the environmental benefits of pneumatic solutions. The aim was to spark curiosity and lead readers to see Becker as the answer to their needs in this industry.

Boosting Local SEO

We transformed Becker’s Google My Business profile into a comprehensive digital showcase. By optimising every detail and keeping the profile fresh with regular updates, we turned it into a potent tool for attracting local enquiries. We’re working on adding a product feed also.


Technical Enhancements

We rolled out a series of technical improvements to increase site speed and user experience, including optimising images, utilising browser caching, and minimising code.

Insightful Lead Tracking

Introducing call tracking software gave us direct insights into what products were drawing interest and the questions customers had, allowing us to refine our digital strategy and better meet customer needs with our SEO and PPC work.

Programmatic Fixes

For a large amount of these fixes, we created rules in our software, externally from the CMS in question, in order to prevent further SEO issues of the same category popping up. This includes some of the fixes mentioned previously such as missing alt text, missing titles, meta descripotions and other problems. 

The Results

Our efforts paid off in ways that exceeded expectations, transforming Becker’s digital presence into a leading force.

Organic Traffic Growth

Achieving an increase in site visitors was just the start. The real success lay in the quality of traffic. Visitors were not just passing through; they were engaging deeply with the content we had carefully developed, seeking out Becker’s solutions. This wasn’t merely a boost in numbers but a leap in the relevance and engagement of the audience.


Site Speed Enhancements

In the digital world, speed matters, and Becker’s website now operates at peak efficiency. This improvement wasn’t just about enhancing the user experience; it underscored Becker’s commitment to valuing visitors’ time. The faster load times led to lower bounce rates and better engagement, marking a significant victory in capturing online attention.

Engaging Content

Our content strategy became a key pillar of Becker’s online identity. From in-depth guides on selecting vacuum pumps to insights into the benefits of pneumatic systems, each piece of content was designed to inform, engage, and motivate. This approach didn’t just attract readers; it captivated them, providing valuable information that influenced their decision-making. The positive feedback from customers highlighted the impact of this quality content!


Local SEO Achievements

Fine-tuning Becker’s Google My Business profile delivered immediate results. Becker is becoming the go-to option in local searches for vacuum and pneumatic solutions, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeted local SEO. The spike in local enquiries and website visits from these searches emphasised the value of a meticulously optimised GMB profile.

Insights from Lead Tracking

Implementing call tracking software was a breakthrough, offering unprecedented insights into the customer journey. For the first time, Becker could see how initial interest translated into enquiries, providing valuable data to refine marketing strategies and inform product development. This ability to link marketing efforts directly with customer interest was transformative – but more importantly, we helped to massively improve the data and detail capture ability of their inbound sales team which has led to better engagement and retention of potential customers once they’re further down the marketing funnel.


Successful PPC Campaigns

Our PPC campaigns hit the mark, drawing in potential customers with remarkable accuracy. The campaigns’ success was evident not just in click-through rates but in actual conversions. Becker’s ads resonated with the audience, prompting them to act. The return on investment from these campaigns showcased the effectiveness of strategic digital advertising.

The Metrics (YoY)


New User Growth


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Page Views

Hear it from the Becker Team

Becker UK

Nina Camille-Whomsley
Becker UK

I have worked with Repeat Digital for nearly 3 years.

I planned marketing for Becker UK using their SEO capabilities strategically and the results provided Becker UK with many benefits, including increased web traffic and more qualified leads coming through the sales funnel.

SEO from Repeat Digital brought more organic attention to the business, and that didn’t cost anything. Highly recommended agency who deliver solid results year after year for a specific budget. Great team and great ethics.

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