increase in paid ads revenue


increase in transactions


increase in e-commerce conversion rate

The client

Cleanroomshop is Europe’s leading online specialist cleanroom consumables supplier. They supply everything from modular cleanrooms which are used in various medical and manufacturing industries, to cleaning supplies, sterile clothing, cleanroom furniture, and monitoring equipment.

The goals

The goal was set to continually improve the performance of the Google Ads account and increase the ROAS (return on ad spend).

In a highly competitive market, it was also our aim to further develop their brand awareness and ensure that the target audience knows who Cleanroomshop are and what the company offers.

Goal One

Improve brand awareness

Goal Two

Maximise ROAS from Google Ads

The strategy

Cleanroomshop’s Google Ads account was being managed internally before Repeat came on the scene and weren’t optimised for conversions as well as they could have been.

The majority of their ads were being shown to a broad audience which was decreasing their conversion rate, wasting ad spend on audiences that were never going to convert into sales.

After a lot of product & competitor research, we restructured the account with new campaigns of our own, new bidding strategies, and some expertly written ads.

With brand awareness in mind, it’s also important to consider competitors and potential customers. We ensured that strategies were in place to prevent Cleanroomshop from losing customers to competitors.

The results

A year on from when we started working with the team at Cleanroomshop, the results now speak for themselves. We’ve managed to increase the year-on-year revenue generated via paid ads by a whopping 103%. With a similar ad spend, this is a great improvement on the original ROAS. 

Having such a tight-knit relationship with the team at Cleanroomshop has allowed us to really go above and beyond when it comes to testing new campaigns, and overall has really pushed us toward the results we’re receiving for them today.

Cleanroomshop logo

Sean Fryers
Marketing Manager, Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd.

Since we decided to outsource our Google AdWords Campaign Management to Repeat Digital, we have witnessed substantial increases in ROI for revenue, profit, and lead generation. We see our Account Manager, Sam Rawson, as an extension of our Marketing Team at Connect 2 Cleanrooms and have certainly benefited from his skill and knowledge in Google AdWords Management.

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