Menopause In The Workplace Case Study

How Menopause In The Workplace tripled enquiries.

Navitas Case Study
menopause in the workplace

The Client

Nottingham-based CPD company, Menopause in the Workplace focuses on helping organisations achieve menopause-friendly accreditation with training, guidance and support to ensure everyone understands how menopause can impact the workplace their roles towards creating a more inclusive environment.

Menopause in the Workplace (MitW) provides line manager and colleague training, videos, eLearning, policy and communications expertise for businesses on Menopause.

The Goals

Goal One

Improve Content to Drive More Traffic

Deborah Garlick, Director at Menopause in the Workplace, came to us knowing that SEO is an essential part of growth for any organisation. She knew they needed to invest in SEO but wasn’t sure where to start, or what to prioritise.

When Deborah came to us in January 2022, she was aware of a TV show that was in production around Menopause and specifically its impact and importance in the workplace.

Step Two

Improve Ranking for Specialist Keywords and Drive More Interest

Our job was to ensure that Menopause in the Workplace was in the best position to receieve the lion’s share of interest when the show was broadcast.

Deborah found a lot of their competitors and partners appearing with search ads in many places she wanted to be found too. Initially, we focused on SEO, however, to capitalise on the increased awareness the topic of menopause was expected to achieve through the media we wanted to use Google Search Ads to make the most of the awareness.

The SEO Strategy

Before beginning any work on the website, we conducted an in-depth audit to gain a better understanding of the current state of the website. We quickly identified a number of technical issues that were holding them back from achieving the higher rankings.

We also discovered that there was no existing tracking set up for website performance so one of our first priorities was to begin tracking on Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This allowed us to see what impact the changes being made were having on ranking and tracking. 

Thorough keyword research was conducted, collaborating with the client to build a list of high-intent keywords they wanted to rank for. This research fed into the next stage of the process; updating title tags, meta descriptions and H1 headings for all pages to optimise rankings.

A number of technical issues were having adverse effects and were quickly addressed, leading to an immediate increase in rankings across the board. These issues included slow page loading speed, 404 errors, 301 redirects and internal no-follow links.

Going forward, we are continuing to improve the traffic going to the site through optimisation of existing blog content as well as the addition of new pieces of content and an established content marketing strategy.

We also work closely with the client to continue to gain backlinks to their site through guest posting and outreach.

The PPC Strategy

From the brief, we ensured we had ads ready for the television show and went live with keywords with a lot of intent such as Menopause Workplace Training and Menopause Manager Support. On the back of the televised programme, we added keywords and phrases used on the show and competitors such as Talking Menopause. 

Ultimately, we had two campaigns in Google Ads, one campaign with Keywords and Ad Groups with high intent and another campaign with lower intent Keywords. The split was used to help assess bidding strategies and make campaign-level changes where necessary. Initially, we used Manual CPC targeting and waited until we achieved a few conversions and data to switch to Maximise Conversions or Maximise clicks.

As well as Google Ads we enabled lead tracking software which helped us understand the quality of leads, and make changes to campaigns based on quality too. Working with the client to ensure we were progressing in the right direction.

The Results

As a result of in-depth keyword research and optimisation, in just 4 months, Menopause in the Workplace were ranking on the first page for every keyword we were tracking. This included some highly competitve keywords.

Not only were they appearing on the top page, but they were appearing in the top 3 results for a massive 50% of the keywords, and the top 5 for a further 69%.

With these results it’s not surprising that Menopause in the Workplace have seen a 372% increase in enquiries, as well as a 54% increase in website users.

We achieved early success around the time of the television show with a relatively low CPA of £33, for courses that cost £100s or £1000s.  It was difficult to assess ROI for this campaign due to variances in course enquiry, therefore we had to build internal processes to check the quality of leads and collaborate with the client.

We changed campaign bidding strategies several times and found the Cost Per Acquisition did not improve when moving from a Maximise Clicks setting to a Maximise Conversion setting, including a Target Cost Per Acquisition setting. Ultimately, we used Manual CPC (enhanced) for greater control, and we saw impressions increase as a result too.

From blue chip companies to healthcare and CPD practitioners we saw many types of enquiries for MitW. We wanted to make sure the ads were as profitable as possible, so we added campaigns to landing pages where users can pay upfront rather than sending an enquiry. We have now expanded PPC services for their other partner websites where there are more standard metrics of ROI.


Increase in Enquiries


Increase in Conversation Rate


Increase in Users

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