Microtech Filters Case Study

How Microtech Filters achieved a 120% increase in enquiries.

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The Client

Microtech Filters was established 25 years ago, originally as an industrial filters manufacturer. They have now diversified their product ranges to include vacuum, fuel, air, and many other types of filters.

Whilst their main manufacturing facilities are based in Nottinghamshire, their client base stretches across the UK and even worldwide.

The Goals

When Microtech came to us they were running their Google Ads internally, with little experience within the team. This meant that their ads account was set up poorly and they were, therefore, wasting a lot of budget on irrelevant audiences.

The main priority going into the partnership was to tidy up their existing campaigns and reduce the amount the ads were wasting.

They were also looking to acheive a £100 cost per lead, which would prove very lucrative for the company.

The Strategy

The first step in any new partnership is to have a conversation with the business to gain an in-depth understanding of their target consumers and the market in general. In this initial meeting we also decided on a strategy for which products to push, based on the profitability of the average filter for each industry. For example, Microtech makes a lot more profit on the average order for a water filter order when compared to an air filter order. Therefore it makes more sense to allocate more budget to the water filter keywords.

One of the first things we did was set up conversion tracking to monitor phone calls and contact form submissions driven from the Google Ads. This is super important as it shows us what campaigns/keywords/ads are leading to enquiries and which aren’t. This allows us to optimise the account accordingly, doing more of the things that are converting and less of the things that aren’t.

Next, we planned a campaign structure that mirrored the types of filter manufacturing found on their website. We made sure that the ad groups only housed super specific ads and keywords to that campaign, rather than bundling it all into one campaign. This massively helps boost the ads’ quality scores, which basically tells Google that your keywords and adverts are super relevant to what you’re trying to promote on your website. Google wants to give its searchers the best results possible so you will pay less per click if your quality score is lower, getting more clicks from your budget.

We would love to tell you more but we can’t give away all our secrets. In summary, our strategy was designed to send relevant traffic to the corresponding webpage, leading to enquiries at the lowest possible cost

The Results

The results were really quite incredible and we even surprised ourselves with its success. After 3 months we were achieving a cost per lead of £35, which was way under the £100 target. What helped, even more, was the fact that the client followed the Google Ad enquiries to see if they resulted in orders and, if they did, how much profit was made. After doing this we discovered that they were making 8 times the amount they were spending on the Google Ads and our management. We also expect to see a lot of repeat orders on these types of products, increasing their return on investment even further.

With the success of the Google Ads, we expanded the PPC advertising to Bing as well. The impressive results were replicated with our Bing Ads management, and then some. This is likely due to Microtech’s target market using Windows machines with Bing set as the default search engine.


ROI From Google & Bing Ads

Cost Per Lead

More Profit Than Cost of Spend

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