Navitas Safety PPC Case Study


Navitas Case Study

The Client

Navitas is a modern day tech SaaS company that provides digital health and safety services to the food industry. Their clients range from multinational restaurant chains to hotels, schools and much more.

The company is based in the UK with clients located both in the UK and overseas.

We’ve been working closely with their Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Reid, and their Marketing Campaign Manager, Abbi Leake, for over 3 years, yielding some remarkable results.

We know that agencies often embellish their case studies so we decided to actually film a testimonial from them so you know it’s all true! See what Dan & Abbi have to say below.

The Goals

Goal One

Drive More Leads From Local Hospitality Businesses

“Let’s get digital, but we need some digital experts” is what Dan, the CMO at Navitas, was probably thinking when reaching out to Olly and Repeat on LinkedIn.

Navitas were looking to implement an aggressive online marketing strategy focused on lead generation.

Their focus was to start bringing in more leads from local restaurants and businesses looking to digitise their food safety management.


Step Two

Integrate Ads With Current Organic Marketing Strategies

Navitas were keen to create a fully integrated strategy, with ads running across a number of platforms, including paid search and social. They already had an in-depth marketing strategy in place, including email marketing, organic social media marketing and other more traditional strategies like partnerships. This meant any new paid campaigns needed to work together with their current strategies.

The company came with high ambitions, made even tougher due to the COVID-19 situation, but we were excited to take on the challenge!

The Strategy

To start, we created a wide set of search campaigns with relevant “bottom of the funnel” keywords, such as “digital food safety management” and “online food safety software”. This ensured we were getting found for relevant clicks and showing users relevant ads.

However, as the leads kept coming in so did the demand to grow further, with budgets increasing month on month in order to get more leads.

From here we offered and delivered a multi-channel cross-platform paid media and pay per click campaign.  Our services expanded to include:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Facebook Prospecting Ads
  • Facebook Remarketing Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Microsoft Bing Ads
  • Twitter Ads

As with all our campaigns, we ensure we can track success. Our reporting software, WhatConverts, can assign leads to campaigns, keywords, and attribute sales quality and value. WhatConverts also allows calls to be recorded so you can listen in and see if the call was good or bad.

With the social prospecting ads across Facebook and LinkedIn, we produced several audiences based on the industries they wanted to target:

  • Hotel audience
  • Education and School audience
  • Restaurant audience
  • Powerful lookalike audiences based on the Facebook pixel

Each audience had their own relevant creative (for example hotel image and hotel text), relevant ad copy, and a relevant landing page to that industry.

It Wasn’t Completely Plain Sailing!

When working with clients, things don’t always go smoothly! One example with Navitas was when Apple severely impacted Facebook’s ability to track users on its devices, which affected a considerable proportion of our target audience. This led to a big drop in Facebook Ads performance, we got our action pants on and worked tirelessly to improve the situation. This included implementing CAPI pixel conversion tracking and setting up aggregated event management as per Facebook’s best practice.

We also tested Facebook lead form ads to avoid needing to go through to the Navitas site, eliminating the need for website conversion tracking. This worked very well and has become a mainstay of the Navitas Facebook Ads strategy.

The Results

As a direct result of Repeat Digital’s paid media efforts, Navitas achieved over £1 million of projected sales revenue. Bing Ads achieved one of the greater cost per acquisitions, followed by Facebook Ads.

As a result of the continued growth, spend within paid media has increased by 12 times and plans are in place to further increase spend by more than 8x the current budget.

All of this was achieved with a budget less than £35,000.

PPC Channels


Increase in Goal Completions

Extremely Happy Marketing Department

Hear it from the Navitas Safety Marketing Team

Navitas Safety Logo

Abigail Leake
Navitas Safety

Repeat are always helpful and are always on hand to help with anything needed. They have driven our leads up to every new target we aim for and work with us closely to ensure we maximise our potential. They are easy to get along with and a pleasure to work with.

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