Nottingham Venues: An Organic Growth Case Study

Navitas Case Study

The Client

Nottingham Venues, a prominent name in the conference, meetings and events sector, brings life to dream events, from corporate extravaganzas to memorable weddings.

Renowned for an impressive portfolio of exclusive venues, their forte lies in crafting bespoke experiences. Don’t take our word for it, have a look at their lovely website.

The Challenge

With a stellar offline portfolio, Nottingham Venues needed to dominate the digital landscape. Organic growth seemed stifled, and their digital engagement lagged. 

The how? Harness organic strategies for sustained, tangible growth, utilising as many strategies across areas needing improvement as possible while ensuring each avenue of improvement receives the time needed within our SEO budget.

The Goals

Goal One

Drive more revenue from organic search

Goal Two

Increase organic traffic to specific target pages

Step Three

Increase keyword rankings associated with meetings and events

Step 4

Become error-free in site performance and improve mobile performance

Repeat Digital Marketing Agency
Step 5

Streamline the content calendar for optimum engagement

Stpe 6

Improve internal link profile across all pages

Google Ads Service 7

Create relevant and engaging content that converts to event enquiries

Goal Two

Update and optimise current content on-site alongside new content creation

The Strategy

Boosting Revenue with Precision Targeting

Collaboration was key for understanding the landscape our client was in. By coordinating closely with the Nottingham Venues marketing team we ensured the site didn’t merely attract any generic traffic but the right kind of audience.

Utilising sitemaps and keyword research tools, keywords were not only identified but also grouped into semantic clusters based on search volume and relevance, with perfect interlinking across our optimised content.

This layer of intelligent keyword management guided the first part of our content creation phase, ensuring that the website hit all the right notes with its target audience.

Streamlining Content for Maximum Engagement

Content reigns supreme. In tandem with Nottingham Venues’ marketing team, we rejuvenated the existing content to echo current search preferences and user inclinations.

The refreshed content, brimming with semantic clusters of keywords, anchored a dominant position in pertinent searches. This has evolved into a rapid content optimisation workflow between our teams.

Optimising User Experience Across All Devices

Mobile isn’t just a device; it’s what Google considers number one with mobile-first indexing. Recognising the modern user’s penchant for mobile browsing, our strategies were all-encompassing regarding keeping page speed as quick as possible. Our work on the technical side of the site, utilising our live editor and programmatic fixes, ensured a swift, streamlined, and user-friendly browsing experience across devices, even using a non-standardised CMS.

Achieving Web Perfection: The Path to Zero Errors

Before any tactical deployment, a rigorous site audit was performed to identify bottlenecks. We applied a comprehensive 4815 programmatic technical fixes that spanned a wide range of site improvements, alongside plenty of manual fixes. 

This included adding social previews, optimising meta descriptions and titles, integrating titles to links, modifying link targets to open externally, and adding new alt images and title texts throughout the website. 

The result was a more functionally robust site with regards to its technical SEO, with majorly enhanced mobile and desktop page speed metrics as a significant accomplishment here.

Internal Link Reinforcement

SEO isn’t just about visibility; it’s about navigation too. Delving into Nottingham Venues’ internal link profile, we constructed a lattice of interlinked content, elevating user engagement and SEO hierarchies, and guiding users and search engines effortlessly. 

We added multiple internal links across 90 pages, utilising programmatic software to repeat the use of an internal link across the whole website for keyword mentions. We’ve also utilised generative AI to add internal links to our optimised content, by feeding it a sitemap and our target keywords. You can read all about an abridged method to do this here.

Calendarisation and Scheduling

By developing a new blog calendar, we could schedule posts aligned with search trends, seasonal activities, and user demand. This content schedule served as a roadmap, helping the team plan their future long-form content. 

We’re evolving on this by using a content matrix, utilising our best and most relevant ideas against principles seen in leading marketing literature, for example, factors known to generate interest upon immediate contact with the material. This has given us hundreds of ideas that are custom-made to convert, for us to use in our future content calendar.

The Results

From July-September 2023:


New User Growth

Total Users


Total Revenue Growth

New Users:

An impressive 10.4% growth, reaching 43K

Engagement Time:

A rise of 4.3% to just shy of a minute

Total Revenue:

A huge 17.2% growth

Goal One

Revenue increased as a result of organic growth ✔️

Goal Two

Organic traffic increased to both top and bottom performing pages ✔️

Step Three

Rankings across the board for all terms are markedly improved ✔️

Step 4

All critical errors addressed and removed from site ✔️

Repeat Digital Marketing Agency
Step 5

Created a content calendar for blog updates, evolving into a page optimisation pipeline ✔️

Stpe 6

Internal links added to all pages, with more to be added still ✔️

Google Ads Service 7

Blogs created in tandem with the Nottingham Venues Marketing team ✔️

Goal Two

Current content copy revamped alongside new content plans and suggestions offered ✔️

Hear it from the Nottingham Venues Marketing Team

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Stephanie Moss-Pearce
Director of Marketing

“After a successful rebrand in 2022, including a new website, it has been our priority to make sure that we are continually improving our website and attracting new users.

“Following a recommendation, we began work with Repeat and have been impressed with what we have achieved together over the past few months.

“It is great to find a business that you can trust and build a strong working relationship with.”

“Repeat was recommended to us. They have been really helpful with growing our new website, which is performing really well.

“We now have a monthly blogging schedule in place, technical fixes, on-page SEO recommendations and monthly calls.

“They are great at giving technical advice and are always on hand to help.

“A special thank you to Akash who has really improved our SEO content across the site. He is great to work with, helpful and informative.”

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Kayleigh Storer
Marketing Executive

Nottingham Venues Brand Story

Find out a little bit more about Nottingham Venues in this video, and feel free to check out their website, especially if you’re looking for accommodation or conference space in Nottingham!

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