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How Premier Contractors increased enquiries by 87% in 3 months.

Premier Contractors
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The Client

Premier 1st For Property Care is a specialist property care company offering a wide range of property services including renovation, refurbishment, all forms of waterproofing, conservation, specialist plastering, fungal decay, and the design and installation of all property repairs.

Premier work all over the UK but wanted to specifically target London, Nottinghamshire and the South West with their Google Ads campaigns.

Premier came to Repeat in December 2018 after having their Google Ads account run by another agency. They started with a Google spend of £1,000 a month (£33 per day) and wanted to see at least one quality enquiry a day from that spend.

The Goals

Goal One

Increase Enquiries for High-Value Jobs

Although Premier were spending a decent budget with their previous agency, they weren’t getting much out of it and their leads weren’t increasing.

Step Two

Generate Location Based Leads

When coming to us, the key aim was to generate quality leads in the right locations for their higher value jobs, such as basement waterproofing in London properties.

The Strategy

One of the first things we did when starting out with Premier was to start tracking the appropriate conversion metrics. For their goals, this meant tracking calls and contact form submissions. This was essential in giving us a clearer idea of what was working in the Google Ads account, and what was not. After analysing the data carefully, we could begin to optimise their strategies.

Another important part of the strategy was understanding the client’s margins, their most profitable services and what services they wanted to focus on. For example, waterproofing work was one of their more desirable services due to the amount of work involved.

Once we had the key information from the client, we set to work on building brand new campaigns for all the different areas of work the client wanted to focus on and adjusted budgets accordingly. For each specialty, we created individual campaigns for the 3 locations the client wanted to focus on:

Waterproofing – London
Waterproofing – South West
Waterproofing – Nottingham

Damp Proofing – London
Damp Proofing – South West
Damp Proofing – Nottingham

We split out the locations for each service into their own campaigns as this allows us to create more targeted ad copy to each specific location. When you include the specific location in the ad copy it generally increases the click through rate as people are confident that you offer the services in their location, leading to much better performance on the whole.

Over the last year we have also been supporting the client with SEO to increase their organic results. Our initial focus was on auditing the site and correcting any serious SEO issues, including creating keyword dense page titles and descriptions for each individual page. Other optimisations included, adding alt text to images to help users and search engines understand what the image is about, ensuring there was internal linking between pages on the site with quality anchor text to tell search engines what the page they are linking to is about, and many more optimisations. 

Later in the year we then supported the client and their web developers with the transition to their new website, ensuring any potential SEO issues were addressed ahead of launch with our SEO migration services. When a website changes its web address or redesigns the website, it’s essential that SEO is taken into account. If the correct procedure is not carried out then there is a very real risk that the website will lose a large chunk of their rankings and traffic.

The Results

3 months after we took over the Google Ads account, the client was pleased to announce that they saw a 87% increase in enquiries, which came with an increase in company revenue too.

This gave the client confidence to double the Google Ads budget after 3 months in order to receive even more enquiries and grow their business further.

Since starting SEO, organic conversions have increased by 120% year on year with greater increases expected with their new website.

Two and a half years on and the client is still growing strongly with a 38% increase in users compared to last year and 98% increase in overall conversions.


Increase in PPC Conversions Year on Year

Year as a Client


Increase in Organic Conversions Year on Year

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