increase in new patients year on year


increase in organic traffic year on year


cost per Google Ads enquiry

The client

Sunshine Dental are an independent local private dentist offering all dentistry services, specialising in dental implants and dentures.

Sunshine are commited to the growth of their staff and all team members have additional interests in areas such as dental radiography and impression taking.

Sunshine Dental

The goals

After a poor experience with their previous agency, they bit the bullet and sought out a more polished agency that could greatly improve their digital marketing.

“We need a better agency than the one we currently have, and we are looking to get more leads for Denture enquiries” – Roddy Patterson, Director, Sunshine Dental

They wanted to get more private dental enquiries and more enquiries related to their core specialised services around Dentures, Dental Implants, Hygiene, Teeth Whitening within the Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire areas.

Goal One

Increase enquiries for core dentures services

Goal Two

Increase private dental enquiries and reduce NHS enquiries

The strategy

After filling in for their previous agency, we ran Google search campaigns that targeted the suggested areas with relevant keywords, negating irrelevant traffic and decreasing the number of NHS enquiries.

After brushing up their Google Ads campaign, we expanded their marketing to Bing Ads which proved to be very effective!

Over four years of working together, we have progressed hugely, supporting Sunshine Dental with the launch of a new website and working with them through the uncertain lockdown eras.

After identifying unusual traffic behaviour on Google Analytics, we found the Google Ads traffic was being recorded as Google Organic. We cleansed the information that was recorded from the previous devilish agency, resulting in much more refined Google Analytics data with no random traffic sources.

In addition to PPC, we improved their SEO through refining Metadata, content optimisation, link building, keyword research and more.

The results

The progress Repeat Digital has made with Sunshine Dental in four years has been immense and with the ever-changing digital environment, we have a strong relationship and keep the dental practice busy, healthy, and striving.

The number of enquiries generated by PPC on a monthly basis for their very specialised services, such as teeth whitening and dentures, have excelled, achieving an average cost per enquiry of £12.

Through our SEO work, Sunshine Dental have seen a 23% increase in year-on-year new users and a 185% year-on-year increase in conversion rate.

Your turn!

As you can see above - we love to fit into existing marketing teams to help boost their potential! We in fact think that Marketers are the Bee's Knees!

Get in touch to have a chat with the team about how we can help you, whether PPC, SEO or AI integration, we can make it happen!