Tallents Solicitors Case Study

How Tallents Solicitors are achieving record monthly enquiries.

tallents solicitors
tallents solicitors

The Client

Based in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, Tallents Solicitors are a legal firm that provide a wide range of legal services to individuals, companies, commercial clients and farmers.

Their services cover agricultural law, commercial and domestic property transactions, inheritance tax planning and much more.

The Goals

Tallents Solicitors came to us through a connection at Tailored Marketing Solutions, who saw an opportunity for us to work our PPC magic.

At the beginning of our partnership, Tallents were doing great things with their traditional offices, but hadn’t done much in the way of providing online services. They saw an opportunity to expand their offering with a much greater focus on online services. In order to grow in this new sector, they need to start doing some digital marketing. That’s where we come in.

Their goals were to start bringing in new leads via their website, initially focusing on General and Family Law practices.

Goal One

Bring in More Leads VIA Their Website.

Step Two

Increase Demand for Their Online Services.

The Strategy

As Tallents were new to the PPC world and had never run Google Ads before, this account required a much more in-depth and collaborative approach.

Firstly, we created a new Google Ads & Google Analytics account for Tallents, ensuring that all campaigns and progress could be tracked by both ourselves and the client.

The next step was then to carry out detailed keyword research for their target services. We built a comprehensive list of high volume keywords, called seed keywords, as a starting point to build on for the clients’ Google Ads.

As an agency we believe that genuine collaboration with our clients produces better results, you’re the experts in your industry after all. In this case, our collaboration included presenting Tallents with our initial list of seed keywords, which was built on and edited to produce a final, high intent selection. These were then used to create their new Google Ads.

Our main focus was to create campaigns for Tallents’ main services, General and Family Law. These were set up with custom audiences, targeting users actively looking for these services.

As this was a new Google Ads account, we also wanted to experiment with Dynamic Search campaigns for Commercial and Domestic Law, using a very small budget. Dynamic campaigns use content from your website to create automated headings and ads listings. The combination of these campaigns meant we were able to cover a wider range of Tallents’ services.

As more ads and keywords were tested we were able to use the results to optimise their ads further. Over time we increased the number of clicks on their ads whilst reducing their ad spend, and still producing some amazing results.

Some of the changes we made to optimise the account were:

– Adding negative keywords
– Adding Ad Schedules
– Testing A/B Campaigns
– Adding bid adjustments across demographics

The Results

We have now been working with Tallents and running Google Ads for them for over a year. During this time their success has continued to increase month-on-month, overall increasing their leads by 200%.

Not only have they dramatically increased the number of leads they’re getting, the cost per acquisition is at just £9.10. As a benchmark, the average CPA for the legal sector is around $86.

Their keyword quality score has also increased by 152%, from an average of 6 to an average of 9 across their ranking keywords. This means they’re getting cheaper clicks and more for their budget. An account with Google’s benchmark quality score of 5 will be paying average CPC prices. Increasing this quality score can result in a discount of up to 50% per click.


Increase in Leads

Increase in Goal Completions


Increase in Quality Score

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