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Request a free digital marketing audit and we’ll give you a call to provide our expert advice on how you can grow your business with PPC and SEO.

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What’s included

SEO Audit

Your digital marketing audit will include advice on how you can improve your website in order to rank higher on search engines.

Factors like page loading speed, image sizes and overall user experience can all affect how well your site ranks.

Websites require regular maintenance to ensure everything is working properly. Any issues are picked up by search engines and your site could be suffering because of it. Your digital marketing audit will identify any technical issues with your site and how these can be fixed.

Social Ads Audit

Social Ads Audit

If you’re running ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok, your digital marketing audit will include advice on how you can optimise these campaigns.

Social ads platforms have advanced targeting features and if these aren’t fully optimised, you could be wasting budget on audiences that aren’t going to convert.

Google Ads Audit

Google Ads Audit

We will take a look at your Google Ads account and provide advice on how you could improve your campaigns to reach more of the right people.

One of our expert Account Managers will take a deep dive into your Google Ads account and conduct research on which keywords we think would work best for your business and goals.

Our experience working with business across a huge range of industries means we have the knowledge and experience to provide the best advice on keyword strategies for your Google Ads campaigns.


These are some of the amazing results our clients have achieved through paid campaigns and SEO.

It all started with a digital marketing audit.


return on investment


increase in return on ad spend


increase in forms submitted

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increase in revenue


increase in organic traffic


increase in enquiries

The process

Request your audit

This is it. This is the first step. Simply fill out the form at the top of the page to request your Digital Marketing audit. We just need to know your name and company name, and a way of getting in touch with you.

Call with Rob

We’re people’s people and we like to get things done. So, instead of having to wait for an audit, our Commercial Director, Rob, will give you a call so you can discuss your business and marketing goals. This will help us to make your audit personal to you and your business targets

Build a proposal

Once we’ve had a chat about your business, your audit will be handed over to one of our Account Managers. They’ll do a deep dive into all your ads accounts and website to provide you with a full audit and advice on how you could grow your business.

Proposal run-through

We like to make sure you’re able to implement the changes we suggest in order to guarantee the growth of your business. So, after we’ve sent your Digital Marketing audit, a member of our team will set up a meeting to discuss the whole proposal with you. If you decide you’d like to work with us, we can put a plan in place to get started on the work

Request a digital marketing audit

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What our clients say

Who are we?

This is the Repeat Digital team.

Repeat Digital was founded in 2017 by Olly after he realised that there was a gap in the marketing to provide small businesses with the same great Digital Marketing services as big budget companies. Since starting, the team has grown to work with hundreds of clients across a huge range of industries.

Our focus throughout our partnership is always on great communication, making sure you know how we’re working to grow and improve your business.

Digital Marketing Audit FAQs

Why do you need a call/meeting before the audit?

We like to have a call beforehand to discuss your business and marketing goals so that we can provide a more bespoke audit. 

Do you need any access to complete the audit?

If you have existing PPC accounts, such as Google, Bing or Facebook Ads, we’ll need to request access to review the current activity and performance. We’ll also need access to your Google Analytics so we can assess how your current campaigns and website are performing.

    What kind of budgets do you work with?

    We currently work with clients spending between £750 and £50,000 per month. This includes advertising spend and management fees. In order to become a client you would need to spend a minimum of £1000 per month on your digital marketing.

      Will my current agency find out?

      Most likely, yes. This is because we’ll need to request access to your PPC accounts and they may notice that we are now in the account with them. We find it’s better to be upfront and honest in these situations.

        It's completely free! Does that mean there's a catch?

        No catch! We’d like to hope that you’ll be super impressed with the value we provide in the audit and want to work with us, but there is absolutely no obligation. We just like helping businesses grow!