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Digital marketing
for Private Dentists

We know that, as Private Dentists, you’re tired of wading through NHS enquiries to get to the leads you want.

At Repeat Digital we can target the leads you do want, for the treatments that are going to bring you the most profit.

That means less time wasted and more of the right clients through your door.

Whether you’re an established dental practice wanting to mix up your marketing strategy, or you’re just starting out, PPC and SEO are going to be integral to the growth of your business.

With marketing strategies specifially designed for private dental practices, we focus on bringing you the right patients at the right price. Our team of experts will work closely with you to find the platforms that your business can thrive on, whether it be Google, Bing, Facebook or even TikTok.

The beauty of PPC marketing is the ability to target your ideal customers, saving you time and money in your marketing budget. By quickly defining your perfect audience, we can target customers in your area actively looking for the more profitable treatments. Targeting also allows you to filter out anybody who is likely to be looking for NHS treatments.

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Google Ads

Google Ad Services

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Google Ad Services

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Google Ad Services

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Digital Marketing for Private Dentists


Gained a 120% increase in high ticket enquiries

Sunshine Dental are an independent local private dentist offering all dentistry services and especially dentures and dental implants.

After a poor experience with their previous agency, they bit the bullet and sought out a more polished agency that could greatly improve their digital marketing.

Through our SEO work, Sunshine Dental has seen a 185% year-on-year increase in conversion rate and a 23% increase in year-on-year new users.

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The best way to kickstart your digital marketing strategy is to perform an audit on your site and any Google Ads you’re currently running.

We’ll conduct a free audit across all your channels to identify places we can help grow your business.

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Private dentist digital marketing services

Google Ads

Promote your business on the largest search engine in the world: Google.

By running ads on Google, you can put your business in front of the billions of people using Google every day.

The platform’s advanced targeting capabilities allow us to run ads when people are searching for your services, whether it be general dentistry, orthodontics or dental implants, ensuring that you get the highest quality clicks and enquiries.

Technical SEO

Whether your website is brand new, going through changes or completely established, technical errors are bound to crop up, and these can have a huge effect on your ranking.

Our SEO Account Managers are experts at spotting errors on your website and ensuring the back end structure is working properly, giving you the best possible chance of ranking at the top of search engines.

Bing Ads

Although Bing might not be the first search engine that comes to mind, a lot of businesses thrive with Bing Ads.

With Bing powering voice search on Amazon Alexa devices and being the default browser for Microsoft computers, there might be a bigger audience on Bing than you think. Plus a lot of older people, who’s teeth may be falling out, use Bing! 

Bing often offers lower prices, so it’s a great place to start with your digital marketing strategy if you’re unsure about where to place your budget.

Local SEO

With dentistry, it’s critical that your online presence is optimised for your local area, making sure you’re the first choice for potential customers near you.

We will work on building your Google My Business profile and optimising your website for local searches.

Working with Repeat Digital

When Olly set up Repeat Digital in 2017, his mission was to provide all businesses with great digital marketing services, no matter their size, budget or level of expertise. This is something we continue to value and our focus throughout our partnership is always on driving great results and having open communication with our clients.

We can track all of your phone and form enquiries, so you can see exactly how your business is growing and the return on investment you’re getting. Your results will be sent over in a monthly report and our Account Managers are always on hand to answer any questions about your campaigns.

Our PPC and SEO experts will have monthly collaborative meetings with you to understand how your practice operates and what treatment areas you’re looking to push. We aim to be an extension of your team; your own marketing department.

With a great history of results working with other private dentists across the UK, we have a solid understanding of how to generate a constant stream of enquiries for your practice. We know that every practice is unique and we’ll work closely with you to develop a digital marketing strategy that works for your business and goals, building on our foundation of marketing expertise.

Our team will only ever work with one dental practice in each region of the UK, so you can ensure that none of our attention will be on your competitors.

We know things change, which is why we work on three month rolling contracts but we’re confident you’ll love working with us for the long term.

Barney & Meg

Dental PPC & SEO FAQs

Can you cut down on enquiries from people looking for NHS dentists?

Yes we can limit the number of people that click through to your site looking for NHS. We do this by targeting more specific keywords that mention the word “private” in them. We also proactively negate searches that include the word “NHS” in them.

Can we prioritise certain value treatments?

Yes, we choose the keywords that you are advertised for. So if you want to target people looking for implants, we can funnel the budget into that area. If you then decided the following month you wanted to push more dentures, we can distribute the budget again.

What results can I expect from working with you?

We can never guarantee results as there’s too many factors at play, such as the quality of your website, past reviews, etc. However we know that from working with other private dentists a £1,000 per month total budget leads to 10 new clients, on average. The best part is that these clients usually become life long customers of your clinic which leads to a very positive ROI.

How much will it cost us?

To give you an idea on costs, our packages start from £1,000 per month, including ad spend. A higher end package would be closer to £3,000 per month. Obviously the more you spend the more enquiries you can expect.

Do you have contracts and how long are the terms?

We work on 3 month rolling terms. This means we can be flexible and not tie you in for a long period of time. 3 months also give us enough time to get the ball rolling and show you what we can deliver.


Do you have a campaign in mind that you need some help with building? Or are you just looking to get started with a digital marketing strategy? Whatever your needs, we can help you grow your business.

Get in touch to have a chat with one of our team about we can help you.

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