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Facebook Advertising Works – If You Do It Right!

Facebook has over a billion daily users giving you a basically limitless pool of potential customers. However, most of these users will be worthless for your advertising. To make Facebook Ads work, you need to continually test and optimise your ads to find the right target audience.

Here are some reasons why Facebook Ads are powerful

Eye Catching Visuals

The Facebook algorithm priorities images and videos, which is no surprise as visuals are way more appealing to the Facebook user and thus more likely to be engaged with.

Relevance Score

Facebook rates your ads by how relevant they are to your target audience. You’re spending money every time a user clicks or views your ad, so make sure your relevance score is as high as possible to minimise wasted spend. Having a higher relevance score leads to Facebook treating your ads more favourably, meaning your budget will go further.

Value Proposition

A great ad contains a reason as to why the user should click to learn more about your product or service. This could be by providing 25% off voucher code or giving them access to free information.

Call To Action

It sounds silly but you need to tell your users what you want them to do next. This is normally combined with the value proposition. For example, “Buy now with 25% off” or “Download your free ebook now!”. You need to get them to click.

Facebook Real Life Targeting Example

Facebook Advertising Relevance Example

The above personal experience really shows you how powerful Facebook Ads can be. All 3 of the on page ads are relevant to me.

  • I was recently on the Vodafone website looking for broadband. This type of advertising is called remarketing.
  • My job title is within digital marketing, which means I can make use of the Hootsuite platform.
  • As I studied law Facebook concluded that I had an interest in it.

Facebook Advertising for Local Businesses

It’s not just for large businesses. Local businesses can take advantage too. In the below image I was targeted by a local conservatory company after I was browsing the web for a new conservatory.

Facebook Ads For Local Businesses

If you’re not using Facebook advertising you might be missing a trick. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss whether Facebook ads would work for you.

Or if you are using Facebook Ads and would like some feedback and tips on improvements we can offer a free Facebook Ads audit