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There are 10 types of Ad Extensions that can be applied to a Google Search ad:

    • Sitelink extensions
    • Call-out extensions
    • Structured snippet extensions
    • Call extensions
    • Message extensions
    • Location extensions
    • Affiliate location extensions
    • Price extensions
    • App extensions
  • Promotion extensions

The Most Popular Extensions:

Sitelink Extensions – Sitelink extensions are used to increase a consumer’s likelihood of finding what they’re looking for. Advertisers may include a sitelink to their ‘Offers’ page to increase the chance of a purchase.

Google Ads Sitelinks

Call-Out Extensions – Call-out extensions allow advertisers to show consumers what they have on offer. Common call-outs are “free shipping!” or “free delivery!”.

Google Ads Callout Extensions

Structured Snippet Extensions – This type of extension shows in the form of a header beneath your text. There are multiple headers available such as; type, brands, areas, and styles etc. A structured snippet allows consumers to know more about what you offer, before clicking your ad.

Google Ads Structured Snippet Extension

Call Extensions – A simple yet highly important ad extension that allows consumers to click and call the business. Call extensions are likely to be directly linked to conversion tracking, making them a crucial ad extension to include!

Google Ads Call Extension

Benefits of Ad Extensions:

By using a combination of these ad extensions, it allows consumers to know more about your business and what you have to offer. This means they will make more of an educated decision on whether to click your ad in the first place. If they do click your ad it will be because they already know you probably have what they’re looking for and are therefore more likely to perform an action such as calling your business and/or purchasing a product.

Ad extensions make your overall ad look a lot bigger on the Google page, meaning a higher chance of consumers seeing it and clicking it! Extensions also have an impact on your AdRank. This means that the better/more ad extensions you include in each ad, the higher your ad will show on Google!

At Repeat Digital we ensure all of our ads include ad extensions to get our clients as high on the search engine as possible as well as to get more valuable clicks and therefore more sales.