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We specialise in managing Google Ads campaigns that drive a profitable return on investment for our clients. From paid search engine ads and Google Shopping ads (PLA’s) to Google display ads and YouTube video advertising.

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Paid Search


Use paid search advertising to appear at the top of the search engines and achieve instant results. This may sound easy but, there’s a lot going on inside a Google AdWords account and if it’s not managed correctly, can waste a lot of money.

Once you’ve got a potential customer on your website, why stop there? Display advertising and remarketing can build audiences from your website visitors and then show them beautifully designed image ads, while they browse the internet.


Google Shopping

If you’re selling products online then you should upload them to Google Shopping. Google Shopping is a powerful e-commerce marketing tool as your potential customers see your product and price before they even click, so you know they’re interested.

Having a video for your business is becoming very important as it can make you stand out from the crowd. With Youtube ads, you can serve powerful messages to your target customers and engaging them to do business with you.

YouTube Advertising


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Google Adwords Management Agency Services
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Google AdWords Management – Online Gym Clothing Store

Google PPC Management Client

Repeat Digital took over this account in 2017, from a large local agency. Over the year we have seen substantial growth.

In the past year having included new brands for sale, Repeat Digital worked effortlessly as a team to keep ahead of the times we have been able to see the GymWear account improve. We have seen the conversions increase by 305% with the conversion value increasing by 447%. This has also lead to an increase in spend due to the positive ROI results.

Phil Elliott

Owner, GymWear.co.uk



Revenue Increase



CPA Decrease


Monthly Sales



Client Satisfaction

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