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Google Shopping Priority Filtering – Google Shopping Ads

Before we discuss the advanced method of Google shopping priority filtering, I will go over the basics of Google shopping ads.

Google shopping campaigns are extremely useful for any online e-Commerce store. Their ads present a quick snapshot of the product the customer is buying. Google shopping ads include a clear main image, a headline, a price, and the seller of the product.

google shopping ad

You will notice that click-through rates will be much lower in comparison to your Google search campaigns. This is completely normal. With search campaigns, there are more questions that need answering for the customer, so they will click the ad for more information. Some advertisers will choose to dismiss certain qualifiers in their ad, such as price. Also, search campaigns do not include images, so the customer may not know what the product looks like. With a shopping campaign, customers know how much they have to pay and what the product looks like. The customer has enough information at this point. If the product is within their price range, they are more likely to click. If the product is well out of their budget, then they will be less likely to click. If you are not using prices in your text ads for search campaigns, then they could click to see a price that is too high. You lose money to somebody who was not in your target audience. On the other hand, if the product is not to their taste, then they will be less likely to click, saving you money. If they happen to like your product, then they are more likely to click an buy your product. Overall, shopping ads detract plenty of unwanted clicks through key metrics such as an image and price in order to attract more likely buyers.

Google Shopping Priority Filtering – Walkthrough & Step-By-Step Guide

There are three campaign priorities. These include: high, medium and low.

google shopping campaign priority

For example, you could own an e-Commerce store that sells gym clothing. We go from high to low when executing google shopping priority filtering. A high priority campaign is where we will start off. This will be the first point of filtering. The high priority campaign will consist of any products that do not have a brand name in the user’s search term. For example, a search query such as “gym boots” will appear in this high priority campaign.

high priority google adwords shopping campaign keyword

If the search term read “muscle nation t-shirt”, then it will be filtered down into one of the other priority campaigns. The high priority campaigns will often feature more generic search terms. It is more likely that people will be found at an earlier stage of the buying funnel. They are more likely to be in the research phase of what they want or need to purchase, rather than being ready to buy. For this reason, the high priority campaign will have the lowest bid. An example bid would be £0.20. As mentioned previously, this is a campaign strictly for searches that do not include brands. Therefore, you will need to create a negative keyword list including all brand names. This will allow filtering into other campaign priorities.

Google Shopping High Priority

The advertiser may see that there is a certain product that is selling extremely well. For example, leggings could be outperforming the rest of the other products in the high priority campaign. The advertiser may want to give the leggings more exposure as they are selling very well at a low bid. This is where we create the medium priority campaign. The advertiser would set the bid higher than the high priority campaign. For example, the advertiser could set the bid at £0.40. Another task for the advertiser would be to remove all search terms related to leggings in the high priority campaign. A negative keyword for leggings would need to be added to the high priority campaign. This campaign will consist of people that are further down the buying funnel than those in the high priority campaign. Since leggings are selling well, the advertiser has the confidence to have a higher bid in order to maximise income on leggings.

google adwords shopping medium priority

The last priority to talk about is the low priority. This low priority campaign will be for branded searches. The branded searches should filter down from the high priority campaign due to the negative keyword list added. The advertiser will bid higher than the other two priority campaigns for this one. An example bid would be £0.60. People involved in this campaign will be furthest down the buying funnel. They have already done their research or established brand loyalty, so they know what they want and many people will be ready to buy at this stage. This campaign should be the highest performing in terms of conversions as the search terms will be more specific.

Google Shopping Low Priority

This is an example of how to use Google shopping priority filtering for a sportswear e-Commerce company. Comment below if you would like a breakdown of Google shopping priority filtering for another niche.

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