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We recently saw the end of Google Adwords, after 18 years since the launch Google has decided to update the brand. With all the changes occurring since the start of AdWords, this should come as no surprise. With mobile phones taking over our lives, social media turning everyone into publishers and video content on the rise. Businesses have had to adapt and change their digital strategies, so now it’s time Google has its own rebrand by introducing Google Ads.

So what can you expect?

Google is trying to simplify all its marketing and advertising. With Google Adwords being renamed to Google Ads and will become part of the Google Marketing Platform. DoubleClick will now become a part of the Google Ad Manager.

Google Ads

Google Adwords re-brand is happening to show that it is no longer just based on words, the advertising methods have now moved away from search into image and video. With the new branding, Google Ads aims to simplify the way in which the interface works and how it will show the best opportunities for businesses.

The idea is that it should help enable smaller businesses to discover the potential of online advertising without being among endless guidelines.

Google's Marketing Platform

Google’s Marketing Platform will see the joining of DoubleClick and the Analytics 360 Suite. The idea is to unify the brand and consolidate advertising into one place for marketers. There will also be new features including Display and Video 360, which involve features from DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio and Audience Centre in order to keep everything in one place. Google’s DoubleClick Search will now be Search Ads 360 to encompass everything around the analysis and planning of your search campaigns.

The changes have already begun but no one needs to panic as they will be gradual transitions allowing users to get used to the changes. Having a great Google Ads management agency will make the transistion easy as pie!