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Google has recently released a new Google Ads extension – the Lead Form Extension. This allows users to fill in a form before even clicking on an ad. The extension is a great tool for businesses who offer a service by allowing potential clients to contact them before clicking through to the website.

The Lead Form extension works in a similar way to a call extension – it cuts out the middleman (the website) and allows users and business to interact more quickly. It will be extremely beneficial for targeting customers, who may not have a lot of time on their hands, to quickly ask a question and then move on with more pressing matters whilst waiting for a response.

It is super simple to set up, with 3 main elements:


Lead Form:

Submission Message:

Submission Form Message

The Lead Form asks for not only descriptions, business names and headlines but it also requires a privacy policy as well, so make sure yours is up to date! You can also choose what information you get from your potential customers with the choice of Name, Email, Phone Number & Postcode.

You can also choose your own background image to personalise your lead form even more.

Brand Image For Lead Form

The lead form extension also gives users the option to add a webhook. “A webhook is an API that enables you to send lead data to your CRM system in real-time.” This will allow any users who fill in the lead form to have their details inputting to your CRM straight away.

Repeat has already set up lead for extensions for a number of our clients and we’re looking forward to seeing the results!

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