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Creating a seamless, ‘hybrid’ blend between traditional PR and digital PR so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. We want you to be seen in your dream publications – whether that be offline or online – while recognising the need for high-quality backlinks that positively impact your SEO rankings.

Why should I invest in a Digital PR agency?

PR is a great way to feed your ‘top-of-funnel’ marketing strategy, intending to get more eyes on your brand and make potential customers curious about your products or services. 

If your competitors are doing Digital PR and you’re not, they will likely have a bigger share of voice and a better backlink profile (translating to higher organic rankings). This, of course, gives your business a competitive disadvantage. Equally, if you’re doing PR and your competitors aren’t, having a consistent PR strategy helps you to solidify your brand’s presence and authority within the market.

Amplify Your Reach With Online PR Services

At Repeat Digital, you don’t need to choose between traditional PR and digital PR, because there’s a place for both.

At the heart of traditional PR is brand awareness and reputation, which are still important – but so is gaining backlinks.

Digital PR widens the scope to include an array of online publications that may also choose to link to your brand. Backlinks remain an extremely important factor when it comes to SEO rankings – but the issue is that more and more publications are asking for payment in exchange for articles, which is bad SEO practice and can result in penalties from Google. 

This is why we offer a fully hybrid approach

We recognise there is value in both approaches and will first discuss with you what you want from PR, and what success looks like to you.

We will then craft a bespoke strategy which aligns with your brand identity and business goals while keeping a constant eye on your competitors, what they’re doing and where they’re being featured.

Digital PR Services Are Not a One-Size-Fits-All

When you think of PR, you may think of press releases – but that’s just one of many tactics we can use to get your business in front of its target audience(s).

Our approach involves creating a ‘layered strategy’ that involves several different tactics.

We do this so we don’t put all of our eggs in one basket, so to speak. There will be times – due to the variables involved – when a campaign doesn’t take off as we’d hoped. That is PR. But we mitigate this risk by having other activities on the go at the same time.

Below are some PR elements you may wish to consider.

PR Services

Press Releases

Despite the evolving media landscape, press releases remain a staple way to deliver concise, timely and newsworthy information directly to journalists.

They are typically used to announce significant business developments and promote data-driven stories.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Similar to profile building, thought leadership remains key to positioning your team as industry experts, offering valuable insights and unique perspectives to the business’s target audience(s). It helps with credibility and is intrinsically linked to E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust), a core focus of Google’s ranking algorithms. 

reactive pr

Reactive PR

We actively monitor what’s going on in the news (including socials) and receive requests from journalists looking for expert comments. Speed is of the essence when it comes to reactive PR/newsjacking, so we’ll need to work together to ensure we get those comments across to the journalists promptly. Reactive PR is a great ‘quick win’ tactic for profile building and securing backlinks.

proactive pr

Proactive PR

Proactive PR is all about future planning and gives you the opportunity to create stories rather than wait for them to happen.

Proactive campaigns may fall in line with national holidays, national awareness days or other events or trends you can generally predict.

Link Building

Link Building

Building and maintaining high-quality links to your website is essential for attaining top organic rankings. But we don’t just want any old links, and we will certainly never pay for them. We always vet publications to ensure they’re a) relevant and b) reputable. A good Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rating (DR) will help to assess the latter.

content marketing

Content Marketing

For content to convert, it needs to be engaging. Our team of experienced writers across PR and SEO can help with all your copywriting needs, creating everything from landing pages and blogs to guides, reports and whitepapers. These assets can be huge lead magnets while being used to gain coverage and backlinks.

hero campaigns

‘Hero’ Campaigns

Big PR campaigns are designed to make a splash. They tend to be heavily rooted in research, data or visuals or may have an interactive element to them. While they are generally more resource-intensive compared to other tactics, when done well, they can be a fantastic way to gain mass publicity and start to close any competitor link gaps.

Speaking Opportunities

Speaking Opportunities and Podcasts 

What people read about your business matters, but so does what you say. Another way to increase your brand visibility is by attending and speaking at industry events and conferences and getting featured in podcasts. We can help you identify and organise these opportunities.

PR consultation

PR Consultancy

Rather than opt for a full suite of digital PR services, you may wish to work with a PR specialist on a consultancy basis. We’d love to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Becoming Your Trusted Digital PR Agency: Our Approach

We treat every client as unique and will collaborate with you to put together a bespoke strategy that aligns with your needs. 

Building a relationship with you is important to us; we want to be an extension of your team, not just someone you work with agency-side and speak to now and again. 

Here is the process you can expect when onboarding with Repeat Digital:


Regular Contact

What you get out of digital PR is a reflection of what you put in. We will discuss who will be our day-to-day contact(s), and how and how often your team prefers to communicate.

You will also receive a bespoke monthly report, which will highlight our activities and progress and coverage/links achieved. 

Communication is key; you should never feel in the dark about what your agency is doing.

Online PR Services Checkboard

Execution and Evaluation

Once everything is in place, it’s time to see it all come to life!

Each campaign will go through rigorous processes before it gets in front of the media, and with our team of ex-journalists and marketing specialists across PR, SEO and PPC, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands. 

At Repeat, we have access to a number of journalist request, media database and keyword performance platforms, and are constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in marketing, so as the market evolves, we evolve too.

Content Relevancy

PR Questionnaire

Before an initial call, we will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire. This will give us more information about your business and its goals, your current PR strategy (if any), and who you consider your top competitors.

Site Health

Health Audit

We take a deeper dive into your and your competitors’ previous coverage and backlink profiles to discover topics covered, strategies undertaken and publications targeted. This gives us a better understanding of the landscape and the type of strategy that would work best for your company/industry.

Site Authority

Strategy and KPIs

Upon working together, we will create a bespoke strategy based on everything we’ve discussed and discovered.

We will also confirm KPIs with you and talk about what success looks like. If you have an in-house marketing team, we can also discuss how we can align your marketing and PR strategy, for a fully cohesive approach.

Request Your 30-Minute FREE PR Consultation

Your Goals

When you request a consultation, you will be given a short questionnaire to fill out. This will give us more information on your goals, your existing PR strategy (if any), and your dream publications.

Coverage / Backlink analysis

Our team of experts will look at your and your competitors’ coverage and backlink profiles and provide you with feedback on the tactics they’re using, the topics they’re talking about and the publications they’re getting featured in.

Recommended PR tactics

During the consultation, we will discuss the PR tactics we recommend, and how we can ‘layer’ two or more tactics to create a bespoke strategy that generates high-quality results for your brand.

Why Choose Repeat?

Campaign Opportunities

A ‘Hybrid’ Approach

Many companies will pay for separate traditional and digital PR agencies. At Repeat, we understand that it isn’t just about print coverage – or the number of backlinks. There’s a happy medium to be had, which is why we offer a fully ‘hybrid’ PR service. It means you can enjoy the best of both of these approaches to truly amplify your brand’s offline and online presence.

Ongoing Improvements


We may be a small (but growing!) agency, but that doesn’t mean we lack experience. Our experts are all highly skilled in their respective fields, with our PR team headed up by an ex-journalist with more than seven years’ experience across traditional and digital PR.



Poor communication is one of the main reasons companies switch marketing agencies. We pride ourselves on swift replies and regular updates at intervals that suit you. Some clients like written weekly updates, while others are happy with once-a-month calls. There’s no right or wrong here – it comes down to individual preferences.

Digital PR FAQs

How do PR and SEO go hand in hand?

PR and SEO are individual services, but when combined, they can amplify each other’s impact. Backlinks have always been considered a crucial ranking factor for search engines like Google, so when reputable websites link to yours, it signals authority and relevance, positively impacting your SEO.

How quickly will I start seeing results and ranking improvements?

In month one, there is generally a lot of research and strategic planning to undertake, but we will always look to hit the ground running in those first few weeks by looking for newsjacking, reactive PR or thought leadership opportunities.

We cannot guarantee a number of links each month, but we can promise you that the placements we get will be from relevant and reputable outlets, and we will never pay for links either. Quality over quantity, always. 

Links are just one factor when it comes to ranking improvements, which is why we also encourage you to invest in SEO if you aren’t already. For Digital PR, we generally look to measure our results every three to six months to ensure we’re heading in the right direction.

How will I know what you’re working on?

At Repeat Digital, we pride ourselves on regular communication. You will have access to your PR strategy which you can view at any time, along with regular updates on progress and a monthly report. We also strongly encourage either a bi-weekly or monthly call to keep things moving along smoothly.

How can I get the most out of our relationship with Repeat Digital?

Some businesses believe that once they hire a Digital PR agency, they can leave them to it, but the reality is you’ll get out what you put in. We need to have a regular day-to-day contact to discuss reactive opportunities with, and for them to keep up updated on anything they think could be newsworthy.

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