Link Building Services

Link building services is a great way to tie together your PR and SEO (search engine optimisation) efforts – but only if they’re earned and not paid for. Here, we explain why building links is super valuable for your online visibility and how they can help close competitor gaps.

What is link building?

Imagine the internet is a giant web of information, with websites as spiders and links as the threads connecting them. Link building is like getting reputable websites to spin threads that lead back to yours. The more threads you have, the more trustworthy and important you appear in the eyes of search engines. This can boost your website’s rankings for relevant searches, making it easier for people to find you.

Translating this to real-life, Google has ‘crawler bots’ which crawl links and give a certain amount of SEO equity to the website it lands on.

Surely It’s As Simple As Paying For Links To Boost My Rankings?

Nope! While it might seem like an easy shortcut, and you may see your competitors doing this, paying for links to improve your website’s rankings goes against Google’s webmaster guidelines. Google prioritises delivering the most relevant and authoritative search results to users, and buying links artificially inflates a website’s importance.

If Google detects paid links it can penalise your business. This can result in lower rankings and damage your website’s reputation in the search engine’s eyes.

Even if you do manage to slip by undetected, and you see a temporary boost from your paid-for links, they won’t guarantee long-term success. Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving and techniques that work today might not work tomorrow.

So What Does An Ethical Link Building Strategy Look Like?

Instead of paying for links, you should invest your time and resources into creating a website that focuses on user experience, high-quality content and earning backlinks naturally. This is called earned media.

To achieve the latter, you could explore one or more of the following PR tactics (though we recommend at least two approaches, creating a layered strategy): 

  • Reactive PR (also known as newsjacking)
  • Proactive PR 
  • Press releases
  • Business news 
  • Thought leadership
  • Content marketing (including blogs, guides, whitepapers and reports)
  • Speaking opportunities

Can You Guarantee Our PR Coverage Will Come With A Link?

Unfortunately not. Many sites have a blanket ban on linking out (more so than ever before), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t relevant and reputable publications worth pursuing from a brand awareness perspective.

If a link building strategy is your primary aim, then we will actively look for publications that link. Here is our process:

Competitor ‘link intersect’

A ‘link intersect’ is done to ascertain the publications that are linking to your competitors, but not to your business. This process will only pull out publications that link, and we can begin to whittle down which ones are relevant and which ones are not during our verification and vetting stage (see below).

Verification and vetting

Once you’ve got your list of publications, it’s time to check how relevant and reputable they are. Not every website pulled out during the ‘link intersect’ will also be applicable to your business. We will first look to see if the publication is still active, and how frequently it posts, before checking its Domain Rank (DR) to gauge how credible it is.

We also use this time to get a feel for the types of topics and content formats it prefers.

Outreach and media relations

When we have a campaign ready for distribution, we will look at our media lists to establish who will be receptive to the content. You cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach and blanket send your campaigns to every outlet; it really is a case of quality over quantity every time.


Link reclamation 

We LOVE coverage, and it’s a bonus when it comes with a link back to our client’s website, or even better, a deeper landing page. Sometimes there will be occasions where, for whatever reason, a journalist hasn’t linked. In these instances, we will politely ask whether this can be added.

Request Your 30-Minute FREE PR Consultation

Your past, present and future PR

When you request a consultation, you can either fill out a short questionnaire or to have a call with us to discuss. We use this time to:

  • Discuss any PR you’ve done before
  • The tactics you’ve used
  • The results it produced
  • The KPIs you measured the activity on
  • What a successful PR strategy would look like to you

Competitor Coverage

If you’ve provided us with details via our questionnaire, we’ll take a look at your competitors in advance to see whether they’re active when it comes to PR. We will be able to see the frequency of their PR activity, where they’re getting featured, the topics they’re discussing and the tactics they’re taking.

Recommended Strategy

Once we’ve had the consultation and looked at your backlink profile vs your competitors, it’s time to set a strategy. Every client’s strategy will be bespoke to their needs, and will extend three to six months. Your strategy will comprise a range of PR tactics that will operate concurrently. Your strategy will be accessible to you at any time, along with any other documents to support your campaigns.

Why Choose Repeat for Link Building Services?

Campaign Opportunities

A ‘hybrid’ Blend

At Repeat Digital you don’t have to choose between traditional PR and digital PR. You can actually have your cake and eat it while paying just one fee! We do this because we know there is more to PR than just coverage, or just backlinks. The landscape is always changing which means we should never put all our ‘eggs in one basket’ when it comes to tactics and measurement.

Ongoing Improvements

A Full Marketing Suite

We don’t only offer PR. If you’re wanting the full marketing suite to boost your online visibility then we can also put you in touch with our SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and paid media specialists. We know some companies employ different agencies for all of these functions, but we believe an integrated approach leads to more success, where everyone is working towards the same shared goals.

Tracking and Metrics

An Agency you can be Proud of

We want you to be proud to work with us. We love to entrench ourselves in our clients’ industries and become an integral part of their team, with frequent communication, dedicated check-ins and monthly reports so you’re in the loop with what we’re doing at every stage.

Link Building FAQs

How will I know if the link building we’re doing is successful?

The definition of success will be different from business to business. As link building overlaps with SEO, it’s important to understand that there are ‘owned goals’ that we can directly control within PR, and ‘shared goals’ that we feed into with your SEO and wider marketing teams.

Some metrics of success that show we’re moving in the right direction may include:

  • The relevancy of the publications your business is featured in 
  • The average Domain Rank (DR) of those publications 
  • Brand sentiment
  • Share of voice 
  • New users
  • Referral traffic
  • Branded search
  • Ranking improvements

How often will we catch up on activity?

As with most agencies, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who is your main day-to-day contact. We do not restrict our communications so you are free to message us whenever you wish and we promise to respond to you within a timely manner (ideally within a few hours). Depending on the size of the retainer and the services you undertake with Repeat, it’s likely that your account manager will be supported by other members of the team, who are all experts in their respective fields.

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