Proactive PR

Delve into one of our many bespoke PR tactics offered with this explainer on proactive PR and how it can fit into your digital marketing strategy.

What is the definition of proactive PR?

Reacting to what’s going on in the news and responding to journalist requests are fantastic ways to drive coverage and backlinks – but what happens when there’s nothing relevant to respond to?

That’s where proactive PR comes in. If you can’t leverage the news, then it’s time to make it. Proactive PR is the art of planning well ahead and creating campaigns or content that is newsworthy and therefore of interest to journalists and their audiences (your potential customers!).

Why Should I Include Proactive PR in My PR Strategy?

Proactive PR is great for increasing brand awareness, brand authority and backlinks.

But it isn’t just one thing; proactive PR spans a whole toolkit of tactics and methods.

Essentially, it comprises anything that involves an element of foresight and planning, anticipating what the media might be interested in at any given time.

Instead of waiting for the spotlight to find you, proactive PR ensures you step into it with purpose and confidence. This can make all the difference in finding an edge over your competitors. 

What Would a Proactive PR Strategy Look Like?

At Repeat Digital, we wouldn’t recommend that clients focus solely on proactive PR; rather, it should form part of a layered strategy which is made up of many different tactics – a bit like a marketing trifle. This helps to reduce the reliance on any one tactic and gives you lots of different cards in your hand to play with, so to speak!

Here is what proactive PR may include:

PR Services

Press Releases

When you think of PR you probably think of press releases. Press releases are still one of the main ways to share business news with media outlets (think new appointments, office moves, special anniversaries and growth stories), and tend to support the delivery of PR campaigns (see below). 

Speaking Opportunities

Expert Commentary

Thought leadership is all about showcasing you as an expert in your field. Think of it as a personal branding exercise, which assists with your E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust), a core focus of Google’s ranking algorithms.

Thought Leadership

PR Campaigns

PR campaigns are a powerful way to connect with your audience(s). When done well, they can attract mass coverage and links in next to no time at all, but they do tend to be more resource-intensive compared to other PR tactics.

Ecommerce icon

On-site Assets

Whitepapers, guides and reports are particularly desirable among B2B clients. 

We have two ex-journalists and other strong SEO copywriters in our team who can research and craft valuable assets that’ll sit on your site. These can be huge lead magnets while also being used to gain coverage and backlinks.

content marketing


Listicles have become a very popular proactive PR tactic in recent years. They tend to be crafted in a way that gives audiences somewhere between five and ten easily digestible pieces of advice broken down into individual paragraphs, with headlines including words such as ‘tips’, ‘tricks’, ‘hacks’, and ‘ways to’. For example, an interior client could put out a piece of content on ‘five ways to give your kitchen a summer makeover without breaking the bank’.

content marketing

Industry Events and Podcasts

Speaking at events or being a guest on a podcast can significantly increase your visibility and reach. They also boost the credibility of your business overall, becoming a ‘voice of authority’ in the industry. We can help you identify these opportunities and put forward any keen public speakers in your team!

Crafting a proactive PR strategy: where to start?

If you’re interested in our proactive PR services, we recommend getting in touch and requesting a 30-minute FREE PR consultation

We will discuss any PR strategy you currently have in place (if any) and how it’s working. We’ll also ask you about your competitors and undertake a backlink audit to see how the strength of your backlink profile compares to theirs.

It may be that your competitors are very present when it comes to proactive PR, in which case it’s time to level the playing field! If they’re not, it’s a great way for you to stay ahead and reap the benefits from a larger ‘share of voice’. 

In the first month of working together, we’ll do our research and craft a bespoke strategy that involves proactive PR. We will recommend at least one of the tactics highlighted above, in conjunction with other PR techniques. 

To help with your strategy creation we will talk through:

  • Your core audience(s)
  • Your existing wider marketing strategy 
  • Whether you have any business news to share
  • The types of topics you are (and aren’t) willing to comment on
  • Whether there are any current trends/issues in your industry we can provide content on
  • Your dream publications

Request Your 30-Minute FREE PR Consultation

Your Goals

When you request a consultation, you will be given the option to fill out a short questionnaire or to have a call with us to discuss. We use this time to not only get a good understanding of your business and your competitors, but also to delve into any PR strategies you have, or have had in the past, and what success would look like to you if you were to onboard with us.

Competitor Audit

If you’ve provided us details via our questionnaire, we’ll take a look at your competitors in advance to see whether they’re active when it comes to PR and, if so, where they’re gaining coverage/links and how. 

Recommended Approach

Based on your previous work, competitor activity and target media, we will suggest a multitude of PR tactics that we recommend for your business. We will never suggest only one as we believe this is a case of ‘putting all of your eggs into one basket’. 

Why Choose Repeat?

Campaign Opportunities

An all-in-one Approach

At Repeat Digital we offer a seamless blend of traditional PR and digital PR. Why? Because we know that a truly successful PR strategy is about brand awareness and reputation as much as it is about gaining high-quality backlinks. We’re proud to have a fully ‘hybrid’ service with plenty of options for businesses to explore to increase their visibility, both online and offline. 

Ongoing Improvements

Knowledge and Experience

The saying ‘small but mighty’ rings true at Repeat Digital. We may not have a big team, but we certainly have the expertise. Each person brings a unique set of skills to the agency, with our PR team headed up by an ex-journalist with more than seven years of experience across traditional and digital PR.

Tracking and Metrics

An Extension of Your Team

We pride ourselves on building good relationships with our clients and becoming a valued member of their team. We promise to reply to your messages promptly and keep you updated regularly with monthly reports so you never feel ‘in the dark’ about what we’re doing. 

Proactive PR FAQs

Will I have to write any proactive PR content myself?

That’s completely up to you! Some clients prefer to retain copywriting in-house, while others may not have the capacity for this or would rather leverage our expertise. We LOVE to write, with two of our team qualified as journalists with NCTJ Gold qualifications – that’s the expertise of two professional writers at newsroom standard to power your copy, which isn’t something many specialist marketers will have under their belts.

How is proactive PR measured?

KPIs are dependent on your business goals and the type of PR you choose to employ (we recommend a ‘hybrid’ approach comprising the best of both traditional and digital).

Some metrics we could look at include:

  • The relevancy of the publications your business is featured in 
  • The average Domain Rank (DR) of those publications 
  • Brand sentiment
  • Share of voice 
  • New users
  • Referral traffic
  • Branded search
  • Ranking improvements

How will we communicate when working together?

Every client is different, but one thing we pride ourselves on is regular communication. We can use instant messaging platforms such as Slack if you wish, or we can stick to email or phone calls. We also recommend having at least one dedicated check-in each month where we’ll go through your monthly report and talk about tasks undertaken, upcoming activity and any results and opportunities in the pipeline. 

How often will I need to get involved in the PR work that you do?

The most successful PR strategies are the ones where the PR team and the marketing team work together. The more information we can get from you about your overarching marketing goals and strategies, and what’s going on within the business and wider sector, the better equipped we’ll be to create a strategy that’ll convert into lots of lovely coverage and backlinks.

At the very least, we’d love you to have an open mind when it comes to ideas and to give sign-off quickly so we don’t miss out on any opportunities.

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