Reactive PR

Reactive PR is one of the quickest ways to gain coverage and backlinks over a short period of time. Here we explain how it can be used in conjunction with other PR tactics to create a holistic digital marketing strategy.

What is the definition of reactive PR?

Reactive PR involves monitoring and responding to relevant news and journalist requests. Some people also call this ‘newsjacking’ as you’re essentially ‘piggybacking’ off what’s going on in the news and adding your own expert take on the matter.

This may involve finding your own opportunities – which is why it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the media –  or responding to journalists who have already spotted a story and are looking for comments to add credibility and variety to their articles.

Why Should I Hire An Agency To Help With Reactive PR?

To do this type of PR successfully, you need to have a good understanding of what’s newsworthy and what’s likely to drive public conversation. At Repeat Digital, we boast two accredited journalists adept at swiftly responding to daily news, engaging with experts, and crafting distinct narratives for their stories. 

Reactive PR also needs you to have an ‘always-on’ mentality. This doesn’t mean looking out for opportunities and requests to respond to 24/7, but it does mean that you need to have someone regularly scouting for emerging trends, news developments, and relevant conversations to engage in a timely manner.

Our team has access to a range of paid-for tools that receive dozens – if not hundreds – of journalist requests each day. We know you’re super busy, so let us take the pressure off you by monitoring for any opportunities your business may be applicable for.

We’re also happy to draft any comments on your behalf, or you can retain this in-house. A word to the wise though – to be successful, we need to respond fast. Deadlines will vary from a couple of hours to a few days, and while it’s not necessarily a case of ‘first come, first served’, journalists are likely to close their request early if they’ve got everything they need to write their story.

What Would a Reactive PR Strategy Look Like?

A digital marketing strategy is most effective when it comprises a range of different services all working together i.e. Pay-Per-Click (PPC), paid search, SEO, content marketing and PR.

The same applies when you look at PR on its own. Our recommendation is for a layered strategy comprising two, three or even four different tactics to avoid a situation where you’re ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’, so to speak.

Although reactive PR can work for B2B clients, it’s naturally more fruitful for B2C clients who can comment on a wider range of topics. 

Other tactics you may choose to employ include:

proactive pr

Proactive PR

Essentially the opposite of reactive PR; instead of responding to the news, we can create it! There are many different formats proactive PR can take, including press releases, listicles, whitepapers, guides, reports and campaigns. This is the best PR method if you want to generate consistent coverage and links over time, and can be planned well in advance.

Thought Leadership

Profile Building

Thought leadership allows individuals or companies to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge in a particular industry or subject matter. By consistently sharing valuable insights and opinions, they can position themselves as leaders in their field, earning trust and credibility among their target audience(s). Profile building also boosts your business’ E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust), a core focus of Google’s ranking algorithms. 

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On-site Content

The beauty of on-site copy is that it can be leveraged or repurposed for PR activity. Blogs, guides and other long-form content are perfect examples of this. From an SEO perspective, it is beneficial to create valuable content that journalists will want to link to. Links are seen as a ‘vote of confidence’, indicating that your site is a trusted and authoritative source of information. This has a positive effect on search engine rankings.

Link Building

Link Building

Links are considered to be one of the most important ranking factors. While bad links can be indicative of a spammy backlink profile and may harm your rankings, high-quality link building can significantly boost your authority and visibility in search engine results. This, in turn, drives more organic traffic and potential customers to your site.

content marketing

Industry Events and Podcasts

Speaking opportunities are an example of profile building, which enhance the credibility of not just the speaker but the business itself. We can help you to identify relevant industry events and podcasts and will liaise with organisers to establish whether they’d be interested in a guest speaker from your company.

I’m Interested in Reactive PR – How Can I Find Out More?

If you’re interested in our reactive PR services, we recommend getting in touch and requesting a 30-minute FREE PR consultation

During this consultation, we’ll delve into your current PR strategy (if any) and its effectiveness. We’ll also inquire about your competitors so that we can conduct a backlink audit to assess the strength of your backlink profile compared to theirs.

If any of your competitors are employing PR strategies, we’ll be able to see. In addition, we will know:

  • The frequency of their PR activities 
  • The types of PR they’re investing in
  • The publications they’ve been featured in 
  • The topics they’ve gained coverage for

If your competitors are very present when it comes to reactive PR, then it’s time to level the playing field! If they’re not, it presents an opportunity for you to maintain a larger ‘share of voice’ and stay ahead of the game.

In month one of working together, we’ll do our research and craft a bespoke strategy that involves reactive PR. We will set up relevant alerts to notify us of industry news and journalist requests and begin to build up a ‘comment bank’ which we can revisit whenever we need to, for quick redistribution.

To help with your strategy creation we will talk through:

  • Your core audience(s)
  • Your existing wider marketing strategy 
  • Whether you have any business news to share
  • The types of topics you are (and aren’t) willing to comment on
  • Whether there are any current trends/issues in your industry we can provide content on
  • Your dream publications 

Request Your 30-Minute FREE PR Consultation

Your Goals

When you request a consultation, you can either fill out a short questionnaire or to have a call with us to discuss. We use this time to discuss your past, present and future PR and what success would look like to you if you were to onboard with us.

Competitor Audit

If you’ve provided us details via our questionnaire, we’ll take a look at your competitors in advance to see whether they’re active when it comes to PR and, if so, where they’re gaining coverage/links and how.

Your Approach

Once we have all the information we need, we will suggest the PR tactics we believe will be best for your business. This will all come together in a three to six month strategy that you’ll be able to view anytime, along with any other planning materials we create to support your campaigns (i.e. Campaign Frameworks, Campaign Timelines and Outreach Maps). 

Why Choose Repeat?

Campaign Opportunities

An all-in-one Approach

At Repeat Digital we offer a seamless blend of traditional PR and digital PR. Why? Because we know that a truly successful PR strategy is about brand awareness and reputation as much as it is about gaining high-quality backlinks. We’re proud to have a fully ‘hybrid’ service with plenty of options for businesses to explore to increase their visibility, both online and offline. 

Ongoing Improvements

Knowledge and Experience

The saying ‘small but mighty’ rings true at Repeat Digital. We may not have a big team, but we certainly have the expertise. Each person brings a unique set of skills to the agency, with our PR team headed up by an ex-journalist with more than seven years of experience across traditional and digital PR.

Tracking and Metrics

An Extension of Your Team

We pride ourselves on building good relationships with our clients and becoming a valued member of their team. We promise to reply to your messages promptly and keep you updated regularly with monthly reports so you never feel ‘in the dark’ about what we’re doing.

Reactive PR FAQs

Will I have to be available at all times to support reactive PR activity?

Not necessarily. In the early days of working with us it’s important that we have day-to-day contact to make sure we’re spotting and responding to the right types of opportunities, for the right topics. We’ll also need sign-off on any comments we put out to the media, unless you choose to write them in-house. As our relationship grows, we will gain a deep understanding of what you’d be interested in reacting to, and can leverage our ‘comment bank’ for quotes that have already been signed off, meaning you don’t need to be as hands-on.

How will I know if the PR work we’re doing is successful?

The definition of success will be different from business to business, with KPIs depending on your goals and the type of PR you choose to employ (we recommend a ‘hybrid’ approach comprising the best of both traditional and digital).

Some metrics of success that show we’re moving in the right direction may include:

  • The relevancy of the publications your business is featured in 
  • The average Domain Rank (DR) of those publications 
  • Brand sentiment
  • Share of voice 
  • New users
  • Referral traffic
  • Branded search
  • Ranking improvements

Who will I communicate with at Repeat Digital?

Every client has a dedicated account manager who is their main day-to-day contact. Depending on the size of the retainer and the services you undertake with Repeat, it’s likely that your account manager will be supported by one or more members of the team, who are all highly skilled in their respective fields. There is no cap on our communication so you can feel free to check in whenever you like. We recommend a bi-weekly or monthly call to get the most out of the relationship.

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