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Inside Out Group Google Ads Case Study

Cost per conversion reduced from £213 to £40!

Measure what matters! Not all goals are created equally, some conversions may not be recording accurate information. This case study will go through our PPC management work with a leading Nottingham based video production and business security company.

The Client:

Inside Out Group is a video production and business security company based in Nottinghamshire. They provide specialist services such as time-lapse video recording and commercial CCTV installation.

Key Aims:

The client had been running Google Ads for some time and with very little monthly management or optimisation. Inside Out Group knew much more could be done to their active campaigns, and to refresh the account to achieve a much greater cost per acquisition from PPC.

Inside Out Group had two main business focuses: their time-lapse videos and their business security services. The aim was to achieve quality leads and work within the set budget.

Inside Out Group reached out to our PPC agency after previously working with a larger digital marketing agency in Nottingham several years ago to help restructure the account and make Google Ads a profitable channel for them again.

At Repeat Digital we initially conducted a Google Ads audit, identifying several key areas for improvement including updating negatives and use of negative keyword lists, using new ads as they were only using two headlines and one description line, and not utilising budgets for most effective campaigns.

Before Repeat Digital:

When taking on the account Repeat Digital found the spend for search and display ad campaigns were equally weighted. With display ad campaigns spending slightly less budget but achieving many more goal completions. This is not typical for most accounts as search campaigns typically have a higher weighted spend, but with conversions being so high for display it appeared positive.

However, looking at the particular conversions that were attributed for display, a large percentage of these conversions were towards “Tel Clicks”(when a user clicks on a telephone number on the site) – however, some of the Tel Clicks were on desktop and tablet – so we assumed these conversions were invalid. Furthermore, the display campaign produced no contact form completions during this time.

The Repeat Digital Strategy:

To measure campaigns effectiveness we added call conversion tracking and phone calls from ads – enabling us to measure success, especially from phone calls.

When setting the campaigns we realised the display campaigns were recording good conversion rates, therefore we continued with these campaigns but at a much lower budget, and to prioritise with the search campaigns, also to measure phone calls more accurately.

We continued to measure the impact of Tel Clicks as a conversion, as well as adding call conversion tracking. However, data suggested that the “Tel conversions” was not a valid conversion, as the number of Tel Clicks to call conversion tracking was much lower. This is evident within our reports as display campaigns in month 1, 2, and 3 had conversions for “Tel Clicks” but showed no call conversion tracking.

From findings from user searches, we found many brands of CCTV suppliers were converting highly, therefore we added branded terms and worked with Inside Out Group to add these terms on to valuable landing pages to help improve conversion rates and user experience – matching the user’s search term to the landing page

After our initial tests, we paused the display campaigns due to no form completions and no call tracking seen.

Initially, at Repeat Digital we focused on the most successful campaign and focused on achieving a reasonable ROI, therefore most of the budgets were being attributed towards the business security campaigns, with a smaller portion for Video Production campaigns.

By adding new budgets and working with the client we set new separate budgets and created a new ad schedule based on conversion Rates, here we have decreased bids heavily in periods where there are fewer conversions – for example, weekends, mornings and evenings.

The Outcome:

Overall Repeat Digital significantly reduced cost per conversion month on month, and have measured more effective data through phone call tracking. Discovering that display campaigns whilst having Tel Clicks conversions, quite possibly led to no phone calls. Reducing cost per conversion from £213 to £39.91 within the first three months.

We had reduced wasted spend during optimisation, including adding negatives, reducing bids, and helping improve on-page optimisation.
We provided help on improving SEO and landing pages for the website and having seen almost a 10% increase in organic search traffic compared to the previous year. Repeat Digital also offered extra information on user search behaviour by producing FAQs looking at questions online and search queries from paid search.

A truly first class PPC agency, Repeat Digital have made a tremendous difference to the effectiveness of our Google Adwords, better managing our Adwords campaigns and helping us secure more great business leads! The team are all exceptionally helpful and friendly too, helping us build new organic content for our website and advising us on our marketing strategies. Highly recommended!

Marcus Kment

Digital Media Producer, Inside Out Group

Moving Forward:

More campaigns for other security-focused services have been created, and ongoing web support for the site and looking at opportunities to optimise and direct where the company should be going in terms of new web builds and on-page improvements.

By continually looking at the quality of leads and searches coming to the site we can create, expand and optimise campaigns. Always focusing on what the user is looking for and ensuring it is reflected on the landing pages.

If you’d like to find out more about how our Google Ads management services can drive more sales and enquiries for your business, contact us today!

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