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Microtech Filters PPC Case Study

800% ROI From Google & Bing Ads

If Google and Bing Ads isn’t working for your business, you’re probably managing it wrong. You wouldn’t service your own car so why manage your own PPC accounts. Get a specialist in!  

The Client:

Microtech Filters is a bespoke filter manufacturing company that designs and produces filters for many different industries. They can manufacture all types of filters ranging from air filtration to liquid filtration to dust filtration.

Key Aims:

The aim was to get the Google Ads account set up correctly in order for it to generate quality enquiries that lead to more business for Microtech. Furthermore, the client was aiming to achieve a cost per lead of £100 as that was calculated to potentially be very lucrative for the company.

Before Repeat Digital:

A team member at Microtech was running their Google Ads internally. They had absolutely no experience doing so and they had a feeling that they were wasting a lot of money, which is why they asked us to review the PPC account.

After our deep dive of the account, we did indeed find that the account was performing very poorly. This was for many reasons including, a poor campaign structure with far too many keywords in one ad group, broad match keywords generating a lot of irrelevant clicks, no conversion tracking and so much more.

The Repeat Digital Strategy:

After discussing with the client about which type of filter manufacturing would be best to advertise and what the target market looks like, we got to work with creating the strategy and then building the new Google Ad campaigns.

One of the first things we did was set up conversion tracking to monitor phone calls and contact form submissions driven from the Google Ads. This is super important as it shows us what campaigns/keywords/ads are leading to enquiries and also which are not. This allows us to optimise the account accordingly.

Next, we planned a campaign structure that mirrored the types of filter manufacturing found on their website. We made sure that the ad groups were granular and only house relevant ads to compliment the keywords and boost quality scores.


There’s obviously a lot more to the strategy than this but this case study would go on for ages and we can’t give away all our secrets. In summary, our strategy was designed to send super relevant traffic to the corresponding webpage, that would then go on to enquire, at the lowest possible cost.

The Outcome:

The results were really quite incredible and even surprised ourselves with its success. After 3 months we were achieving cost per leads of £35, which was way under the £100 target. What helped, even more, was the fact that the client actually followed the Google Ad enquiries to see if they resulted in orders and, if they did, how much profit was made. After doing this we discovered that they were making 8 times the amount they were spending on the Google Ads and our management. The best part is there will be repeat orders too, which means the figure will increase even further.

With the success of the Google Ads we expanded the PPC advertising to Bing as well. The impressive results were replicated with our Bing Ads management, and then some. This is likely due to Microtech’s target market using Windows machines with Bing set as the default search engine.

We called in Repeat Digital as we had some concerns that our Google Ads were not performing as well as they could have been. Once they took over the account it was obvious our concerns were correct as we started to see a significant increase in enquiries thanks to their management.

Tom Stone

Marketing Manager, Microtech Filters

Moving Forward:

With some incredible results and a very happy client, we’re going to be looking at increasing the Google and Bing Ads spend in order to scale up the results achieved by the paid search advertising.

If you’d like to find out more about how our paid search management services can drive more sales and enquiries for your business, contact us today!

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