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Nellie Supports + Google Ads =

2 New Hires in Only 6 Months

Without the right strategy in place, Google make it easy to waste your money when you get started with Google Advertising. Nellie Supports had thrown away over £1,500 of ad budget in their first 2 months, before we came in to get them on the right path!

The Client:

Nellie Supports are an Independent Social Work Practice specialising in adult social care and well-being. They have 3 key aims; to provide efficient, ethically-priced services to individuals, to support communities by reducing social isolation for adults of all ages and to promote and help businesses to implement positive mental well-being practices within the workplace.

Nellie Supports Mission:

“We want to create a positive social impact and make a difference to people’s well-being and mental health.”

Key Aims:

Nellie Supports approached Repeat Digital in Spring 2019 with the aim that, with Google Ads, they would generate higher quality enquiries. Before Repeat took over the management of the clients Google Ads, the account was getting irrelevant leads from people looking for completely unrelated services. These included people wanting to buy tickets for football matches, due to the broad match ‘mental capacity’ keywords.

The key aims, therefore, were to drive relevant traffic to the Nellie Supports website, whilst minimising ad budget being spent on poor performing keywords and search terms.

The Repeat Digital Strategy:

When clients come to us having already used Google Ads before, we offer a free Google Ads account audit in order to quickly assess the current profitability and potential success of their PPC marketing.

From Nellie’s audit, we quickly identified the key areas that needed improvement in order to make Google Ads a success. These were:

  • Using appropriate keywords and match types
  • Identify rogue search terms through regular communication between our account manager and Nellie’s team
  • Spotting potential keywords to expand out campaigns, or create entirely new ones
  • Testing automated bidding strategies that have worked well with similar businesses we have worked with previously
  • Focusing on conversions from phone calls as these leads were generally of higher quality

The Outcome:

When Repeat took on the account in May, Nellie Supports started with an initial budget of £300 a month, having already spent £1,500 on Google Ads with little to no return.

Having worked through our tailored strategy, we started seeing encouraging results. As the Google Ads account increased in performance, so did the client’s trust in us and the service we were providing. 12 conversions in the first month from £300 ad spend gave Nellie the confidence to up their ad budget to £800 in month 2. This ensured we were targeting as many potential customers as possible.

Often when increasing ad spend, the cost per conversion also increases, however with Nellie Supports, theirs remained steady at an average cost of £41.25 per conversion each month. This has allowed Nellie to grow not just their revenue, but their team as well.

Thanks to the success of Nellie Supports digital marketing, the business has grown, with 2 new hires within the first 12 months of trading. They had to expand in order to manage the ever-increasing workload.

We’ve been working with Repeat Digital for the best part of a year now and since they took over our account we’ve been getting fantastic enquiries! Before we were getting calls about football tickets… but now we’ve had to take on two new team members to cope with new business!

Ben Slater

Director, Nellie Supports

Moving Forward:

Due to the ongoing progress, Nellie has experienced since starting Google Ads advertising with Repeat, they are expanding their PPC advertising with us to include Facebook and Bing Ads.

This will allow Nellie to target customers who use the different platforms and increase the number of enquiries they receive thanks to pay-per-click ads.

If you’d like to see if Repeat Digital can run profitable Google Ads for your business then get in touch today. You can also visit our digital marketing services website page for more information on our PPC services.

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