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Keep your customers engaged once they’re in your sales funnel. Retarget them & don’t let them forget about your brand.

Remarketing Management Services

Remarketing allows you to retarget people that have already engaged with your brand, such as by visiting your website. Typically, only 2% of website traffic users convert the first time they visit your website. You’ve probably invested money to get them onto your site in the first place, so why let the journey end there? Retarget them to bring them back and complete the sale or call to action. Measuring your ROI with remarketing ads is easy thanks to our conversion tracking methods.

Reconnect with your users with Display Remarketing Advertising, display your brand messages to users on the Google Display Network, YouTube and Social Networking Channels. 

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 Why Choose Repeat As Your Remarketing Company?

Results Focused

We work closely with you to understand your business and your ideal client. This helps get you get a great results from your retargeting company.

Ongoing Improvements

Unlike other agencies, we continuously improve your Google remarketing campaigns. Our regular account checks ensure your budget is utilised as effectively as possible.

Experienced Digital Team

All of our team members live and breath digital marketing. That means you’ll only ever be dealing with an experienced remarketing ads consultant.

Google Remarketing – Children 1st Day Nurseries

Google PPC Management Client


Children 1st Day Nurseries have multiple children’s nurseries across the Midlands and South Yorkshire. At their nurseries they provide the highest quality of care and education to their children. We were tasked with getting this across to parents and guardians with our Google display remarketing campaigns.

Repeat Digital is focused on delivering the results that clients want. Their enthusiasm coupled with their knowledge allows them to give real-world, pragmatic advice to clients. If you want to work with a ‘partner’ that delivers results then go with Repeat Digital.

Ian Chakravorty

Director of Business & Organisational Development, Children 1st Day Nurseries



Visit Bookings



CPA Decrease


More Web Traffic

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Our Google Ads audit can help you understand what areas of your campaigns are working well, and what areas need improvements in order to increase the ROI you achieve from your PPC marketing.

PPC Agency Services

Repeat Digital are a team of 5 marketing professionals with specialisms in search engine marketing, paid social, and search engine optimisation.

Our results-driven paid search management targets high intent users looking for what you offer, and converts them in to new customers. You’ll receive a dedicated account manager, who you will work closely with to understand your business needs, and help achieve your paid search marketing goals.

With a diverse skill set among the team we are able to join together to find the best solutions to further improve your search engine marketing.

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