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Get your campaigns on the right track with a free Google Ads audit and find out how much ROI you could be missing out on.

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What Is a Google Ads Audit?

If you’re already running Google Ads yourself, or using another Google Ads agency, our free audit can help benchmark your current strategy against our own experience and results.

You’ll find out how your company’s Google Ads campaigns stacks up against the best in the business. Our manually reviewed Google Ads account audit costs nothing and you are under no obligation to use us to fix any issues we find.

To get your free Google Ads account audit, fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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Not Started Any Google Ads Yet?

As well as providing free audits for existing accounts, we can create detailed Google Ads proposals for companies looking to advertise via Google Ads for the first time. Our proposals contain bespoke recommendations to your company and industry, as well as, detailed keyword research and performance estimations.

Call us on 0115 718 0451 or fill out the contact form below if you’re interested in a Google Ads proposal.

What’s Included?

google ads audit conversion tracking

Conversion Tracking

Let’s dive into the metrics that matter. Our Audit focuses on conversion tracking, ensuring every success is not just acknowledged but celebrated. We’ll fine-tune your tracking methods, guaranteeing that each conversion is a step closer to your goals. 

We will break down your accounts conversion tracking and outline any errors that we may find or notable changes that can be made. 

account structure

Account Structure


Your Google Ads audit will include how your current account structure is set up and performing. We will identify any areas where a bit of fine-tuning can work wonders. We’re here to strategically restructure, creating a more streamlined and effective ad setup.

Our account managers will make sure to be extra thorough with this as a healthy account structure can be an underlining result of success.



Navigating the Google Ads keyword landscape requires finesse. That’s why in your audit we will conduct a thorough analysis, distinguishing between the keywords that shine and those that may need a little polish. 

We will outline the keywords that can make your Google ads strategy more impactful and result driven.

The Audit Process

Request Your Audit

It all starts with the touch of a button. Request your free Google Ads audit with the form and we’ll get back to you. We just need to know your name and company name, and a way of getting in touch with you.

Call with Google Ads expert
Call with Rob
We know that getting your new strategy started as soon as possible is your top priority. That’s why we like to jump on the phone straight away to get the details of your business and goals. Then we can make your Google Ads audit personalised to your targets.
Build The Audit

Once we’ve had a chat about your business, your audit will be handed over to one of our Account Managers. They’ll do a deep dive into all your Google ads accounts and website to provide you with a full audit and advice on how you could grow your business.

Audit Run Through
We like to make sure you’re able to implement the changes we suggest in order to guarantee the growth of your business. So, after we’ve sent your Google Ads audit, a member of our team will set up a meeting to discuss the whole audit with you in a jargon-free way. If you decide you’d like to work with us, we can put a plan in place to get started on the work.

Request Your Free Google Ads Audit

Our Google Ads audit can help you understand what areas of your campaigns are working well, and what areas need improvements in order to increase the ROI you achieve from your Google Ads marketing. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to your with our ideas.

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Why Choose Repeat To Run Your Google Ads?

Results Focused

ROI Focused

We look at the metrics that will make an impact on your bottom line. You’ll come away with actionable insights to improve the ROI of your Google Ads campaigns.

Jargon Free

Jargon Free

Your Google Ads audit will be written in easy-to-follow language, with any technical terms explained clearly. We also do follow up calls with every business to help you understand how to action the changes.

Google Certified Team

Expert & Certified Team

All of our team members are certified and have certificates to prove it. That means you can be confident your Google Ads Audit is being completed by an experienced Google Ads consultant.


Achieving a 103% Increase in Revenue Year on Year

Cleanroomshop’s Google Ads account was being managed internally before Repeat came on the scene and weren’t optimised for conversions as well as they could have been.

The majority of their ads were being shown to a broad audience which was decreasing their conversion rate, wasting ad spend on audiences that were never going to convert into sales.

After a lot of product & competitor research, we restructured the account with new campaigns of our own, new bidding strategies, and some expertly written ads.

With brand awareness in mind, it’s also important to consider competitors and potential customers. We ensured that strategies were in place to prevent Cleanroomshop from losing customers to competitors.

cleanroomshop case study
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