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Meet The PR Team

Our online PR services are headed up by our Digital PR Lead, Becca, a former journalist with more than seven years’ experience in public relations. Becca has expertise in both traditional and digital practices and has worked across many different sectors, both in B2B and B2C.

When it comes to PR, we believe it’s best done by taking a ‘hybrid’ approach, seamlessly blending the best of traditional and digital. Each client receives a fully bespoke strategy based on their goals, with our experts paying great attention to crafting compelling stories that gain media coverage, putting your brand in front of potential customers, and increasing your chances of ranking higher in the search engines.

Becca Tee

Becca Tee – PR Lead

Why Choose Repeat For Your PR Strategy?

a hybrid approach

A ‘Hybrid’ Approach

Many companies will pay for separate traditional and digital PR agencies. At Repeat, we understand that it isn’t just about print coverage – or the number of backlinks. There’s a happy medium to be had, which is why we offer a fully ‘hybrid’ PR service. It means you can enjoy the best of both of these approaches to truly amplify your brand’s offline and online presence.

Ongoing Improvements


We may be a small (but growing!) agency, but that doesn’t mean we lack experience. Our experts are all highly skilled in their respective fields, with our PR team headed up by an ex-journalist with more than seven years’ experience across traditional and digital PR.



Poor communication is one of the main reasons companies switch marketing agencies. We pride ourselves on swift replies and regular updates at intervals that suit you. Some clients like written weekly updates, while others are happy with once-a-month calls. There’s no right or wrong here – it comes down to individual preferences.

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