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Retarget customers already in your sales funnel and remind them of your brand.

What is Remarketing All About?

Imagine re-engaging customers who have already shown interest in your products or services. Remarketing is the strategy we use to make this a reality. It’s about targeting adverts to people who have previously visited your website or interacted with your brand, encouraging them to return and complete a purchase or enquiry.

In essence, remarketing involves strategically placing ads across various online platforms to remind and persuade past visitors. It’s like giving a gentle nudge to those who are already familiar with your brand, increasing the likelihood of them becoming customers. The brilliance of this method? It targets individuals who are already interested in what you offer, making it a highly effective and cost-efficient approach.

This strategy is more than just repeated advertising; it’s about smart re-engagement. Effective remarketing combines targeted ad placement with personalised messaging based on the user’s previous interactions. A well-executed remarketing campaign can significantly boost conversion rates, turning potential interest into actual sales.

Choosing experts for your remarketing campaigns is key. It requires an understanding of user behaviour, ad retargeting technology, and creative messaging. With professional expertise, your remarketing efforts can successfully recapture the interest of past visitors, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Continue the Customer Journey with Remarketing Ads

Typically, only 2% of website traffic users convert the first time they visit your website, but the journey doesn’t have to end there. Remarketing ads allow you to target consumers who have already engaged with your brand in some way.

Being a professional remarketing agency we use a collaborative approach to our partnerships that gives us an in-depth understanding of your audience, allowing us to target your audience according to interest segments. This means your messaging can be tailored to specific audiences and makes them more likely to convert.

Through the creation of bespoke audiences, we are also able to design fluid messaging based on the consumer’s position in the sales funnel, sending out the right messaging to those who are at the point of buying.

Remarketing is arguably one of the most important elements of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy, allowing brands to establish a meaningful connection with consumers and stay top of mind.

What platforms can you run Remarketing Ads on?

The great thing about remarketing ads is you can target your potential consumers on a huge range of platforms. With a data-driven strategy from our remarketing agency, we will craft ads that your audience sees in the right place at the right time, optimising them for the highest chance of conversion.

Google Ads Remarketing

Google Ads Remarketing

With Google Ads remarketing, you can re-target your consumers on the largest search engine in the world, at the point where they’re searching for solutions.

Facebook Ads Services

Facebook Ads Retargeting

With Facebook, you can remarket to users that have been on your site or those who have been on your Facebook page. With millions of daily users, Facebook is a great way to get back in front of your audience.

Bing Ads Remarketing

Bing Ads Remarketing

Cover all bases and run remarketing ads on Bing as well as Google. Bing is especially great for businesses with an older target audience or B2B companies.

YouTube Ads Remarketing

YouTube Remarketing

As the largest video platform in the world, YouTube is a prime place to retarget your audience. With custom audiences, your ads can be shown during videos on topics that relate to your target audience, ensuring the people seeing your ads have the highest intent.

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Win Back Revenue Lost At Different Stages of The Buyer Journey With Remarketing Ads

Abandoned Cart Remarketing

Cart Abandonment

It’s a common occurence for customers to add something to their cart and then get distracted, forgot about it and never come back. 

With cart abandonment targeted remarketing ads, you can target these customers with an ad with bespoke messaging. 

Ads that include elements like sales, promo codes and time-senstive offers, work well for directing users back to your site to complete their purchase.

Dynamic Remarketing agency

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing allows you to retarget consumers based on certain products they’ve shown interest in. 

This type of personalisation can lead to a much higher conversion rate and ultimately have a big impact on your end revenue.

Long Sales Cycle Remarketing

Long Sales Cycles

Remarketing ads are commonly used in industries that have long sales cycles, for example, B2B companies, Solicitors etc. 

Potential customers who aren’t ready to make a purchase straight away, can be targeted with remarketing ads to make sure your business is top of mind when they are ready to purchase.

Request Your Remarketing Audit

An audit allows us to analyse the structure and set-up of your remarketing campaigns and provide insights on areas you could be missing out on revenue or getting a better ROI.

Our Remarketing Ads Management Process

Step One

Client and Industry Understanding

Before launching any ads we need to get an in-depth understanding of your business and the industry you’re operating in. This will take a very collaborative approach and involve discussions around your business goals.

Step One

Existing Campaign Understanding

With remarketing ads, we need to audit any prospecting campaigns you’re currently running and identify opportunities to add remarketing ads into your funnels. If you have had an audit completed with us we might have already looked into this, but it never hurts to go over it again.

Step One

Strategy And Planning

Once there’s nothing left to know about your business we can start planning out strategies for your remarketing ads. We’ll build funnels, target missed revenue at different stages of the buyer funnel and create high-converting ad strategies.

Step One

Ad Creation

Our team will then start developing your ads, advising on creative and writing copy that’s designed to drive conversions. We take learnings from our extensive experience running successful remarketing campaigns across a huge range of industries and apply our knowledge to create revenue-driving ads from the get go.

Step One

Tracking and Optimisation

Especially with remarketing ads that are designed to convert at the best possible CPC, it’s important to have a strong grasp of how your ads are performing. We use a range of third-party tracking software to ensure we get the full picture and are able to use this data to optimise your campaigns.

Step One

Reporting And Collaboration

Reporting meetings are set up according to your schedule, whether you’d like to hear from us weekly or you’d prefer monthly updates. All reports will break down the data into key outcomes and highlight the impact your ads are having on your end goal, revenue.

Why Choose Repeat as Your Remarketing Agency?

Results Focused

ROI Focused

Our main aim is to drive revenue for your business, which is why we always look at the actual ROI of your Bing Ads campaigns to make sure they’re profitable.

Ongoing Improvements

Ongoing Improvements

We’re focused on making sure your campaigns are constantly optimised to produce the best results.



We understand that you want to be kept in the loop about the performance of your campaigns. That’s why we report to you frequently on key metrics.

Request Your Remarketing Audit

An audit allows us to analyse the structure and set-up of your remarketing campaigns and provide insights on areas you could be missing out on revenue or getting a better ROI.

Remarketing Ads FAQ’s

What is the difference between remarketing and dynamic remarketing?

Remarketing is the umbrella term for all types of remarketing strategies.

On the other hand, dynamic remarketing is specific and refers to ads that are targeted at website visitors based on specific pages or products they have shown an interest in. Dynamic remarketing is a lot more personalised.

How effective can remarketing be?

With the right strategies and funnels in place, remarketing ads can be extremely profitable. This is because the target audience has already shown an interest in your product or service and just needs that little extra push.

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