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Remarketing Agency

Retarget customers already in your sales funnel and remind them of your brand with remarketing ads.

Continue the customer journey with remarketing ads

Typically, only 2% of website traffic users convert the first time they visit your website, but the journey doens’t have to end there. Remarketing ads allow you to target consumers who have already engaged with your brand in some way.

Our collaborative approach to our partnerships gains us an in-depth understanding of your audience, allowing us to target your audience according to interest segments. This means your messaging can be tailored to specific audiences and makes them more likely to convert.

Through the creation of bespoke audiences, we are also able to design fluid messaging based on the consumer’s position in the sales funnel, sending out the right messaging to those who are at the point of buying.

Remarketing Agency

Remarketing platforms

Google Ads Services

Google Ads remarketing

Retarget users that have been on your site via Google’s display network. The Google display network includes millions of websites around the world and also includes the send largest search engine, YouTube!

Facebook Ads AuditFacebook Ads Retargeting

Facebook Ads retargeting

With Facebook, you can remarket to users that have been on your site or those who have been on your Facebook page. With millions of daily users, Facebook is a great way to get back in front of your audience.

Why choose Repeat as your remarketing agency?

Results Focused

ROI focused

We work closely with you to understand your business and your ideal client. This helps get you get a great results from your retargeting campaign.

Ongoing Improvements

Ongoing improvements

We continuously improve your Google remarketing campaigns. Our regular account checks ensure your budget is utilised as effectively as possible.

Experienced Digital Team

Experienced digital team

All of our team members live and breathe digital marketing. That means you’ll only ever be dealing with an experienced, passionate remarketing ads consultant.

Remarketing Advertising

How do remarketing ads work?

Remarketing ads are a form of display advertising that allow you to specifically target users who have previously interacted with your brand. This could be by visiting your website or engaging with you social media profiles.

The beauty of remarketing ads is that you are able to really customise your contnet to suit the audience you’re targeting. This personalisation makes users a lot more likely to convert.

Remarketing ads can be shown across a huge number of sites in the Google Display Network, including YouTube and Facebook.


72% increase in visit bookings via retargeting ads

Children 1st Day Nurseries have multiple children’s nurseries across the Midlands and South Yorkshire. At their nurseries they provide the highest quality of care and education to their children. We were tasked with getting this across to parents and guardians with our Google display remarketing campaigns.

By creating remarketing campaigns we were able to increase their website traffic by 64%, and in turn a 72% increase in visit bookings. Not only did we drive more bookings, but we did so at a 30% lower CPA, giving Children’s 1st more money to focus on developing their services.

Remarketing Services

Services that complement display advertising

Paid Search

Paid Search

Create an integrated paid marketing strategy by complementing your remarketing ads with paid search.

Microsoft Bing Ads

Microsoft Bing Ads

Target new audiences using Windows by running Microsoft Bing ads.

PPC Audit

PPC Audit

Find out where you could be optimising your current PPC campaigns with a free PPC audit.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Google Shopping allows you to put your product in front of a high-intent audience ready to buy.


Do you have a campaign in mind that you need some help with building? Or are you just looking to get started with a digital marketing strategy? Whatever your needs, we can help you grow your business.

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