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As a Bing ads agency we can help you discover a new audience and drive more traffic to your site.

What Does Bing Ads Management Involve?

Visualise your brand capturing attention on Bing, the often-overlooked but highly potent search engine. Bing Ads Management is the expertise we bring to place your brand in front of a diverse and valuable audience. It’s about leveraging Bing’s unique platform to reach potential customers who are searching for what you offer.

In layman’s terms, Bing Ads Management is the process of creating and optimising adverts specifically for the Bing search engine. When someone searches for keywords that are relevant to your business, your adverts appear, potentially at the top of the search results. The advantage here? Bing offers a different demographic of users, often leading to untapped opportunities and less competition.

This approach is more than just placing adverts; it’s about strategic placement and optimisation. Effective Bing Ads Management involves careful keyword selection, compelling ad copy, and continuous performance monitoring. A well-managed campaign can yield high returns, driving targeted traffic to your website and increasing conversions.

Entrusting your Bing Ads campaigns to specialists is key. It requires a nuanced understanding of the Bing platform, user behaviour, and competitive landscape. With professional management, your campaigns can navigate the subtleties of Bing’s advertising network, avoiding common pitfalls and maximising your return on investment.

Microsoft Bing Ads Agency

Microsoft Bing Advertising (formerly Bing Ads), allows advertisers to display search ads across the Microsoft network. This includes Bing, Yahoo and AOL.

Bing is often overshadowed by you know who, but Microsoft Bing Ads can be a great option for the right type of business. As a search engine, Bing still gets over six billion searches a month.

As a Bing ads agency we have expert knowledge in managing Bing campaigns and have run hundreds of successful ppc campaigns on the platform, across various industries. Bing Ads are often a great option for the B2B sector.

Bing Ads management often require a different strategy to Google Ads, so we work closely with you to understand your audience and how they are searching on the platform. This helps us to create bespoke strategies that are targeted to your individual business goals.

Benefits of using Microsoft Bing Ads

Microsoft Bing ads can be a great addition to any per-per-click strategy, providing an often cheaper alternative to Google.

There are many benefits to running ads on Bings, including increased visibility and cheaper cost per clicks. It’s not a platform that should be overlooked, after all, Bing is still part of the top two search engines in the world.

Image Extensions

Image Extensions

Microsoft Bing Ads allow you to add images to your search campaigns, as well as the traditional text element. This makes it a great option if your business has particularly good imagery, or for ecommerce where you want to show off a product.

Voice Search

Voice Search

In 2021, 58% of consumers are using voice search to search for local businesses online. As pioneers in voice recognition software, Microsoft Bing Ads will help you take the most advantage of this, and are a great way to stay up to date with search trends.

Lower Cost

Lower Cost

Having a nicher consumer base means that Microsoft Bing Ads often cost a lot less than Google Ads, as you’re getting more clicks from higher converting customers. Bing Ads are, therefore, a great place to start.

Increased Visibility with bing ads management

Increased Visibility

Increase the number of users that see your ads by advertising on a different platform with a different user base. Microsoft Bing is often used by corporate teams using Microsoft Windows so is a great option for B2B.

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Discover New Audiences with Microsoft Bing Ads

Microsoft Bing Ads management can be a great option for many businesses, and are often a great to run alongside any existing Google Ads campaigns.

Although Bing might often be overlooked, and you might wonder who actually uses Bing, there are huge audiences on the platform that you can take advantage of.

As Bing is connected to Xbox, Microsoft Bing Ads can be a great option for businesses looking to target a younger, digitally minded audience.

As Microsoft Windows is the primary choice for businesses, Bing is the default browser for millions of companies across the world. This makes Microsoft Bing Ads a natural choice for the B2B sector, putting your business in front of company decision makers.

What Our Bing Ads Service Includes

Successful Bing Ads management involves a consistent attention and optimisation of your account.

We take a holistic approach to all our account management, looking at your marketing strategy and wider business goals to define our direction.

Step One
In-depth keyword research
Step Two
Collaborative seed keyword generation
Step Three
Business specific strategies
Step 4
Management of budget
Step 5
Competitor analysis
Stpe 6
Creation of ad copy
Google Ads Service 7
Full conversion tracking and analysis
Google Ads Service 8
Regular easily digestible reporting

Request Your Free Bespoke Bing Ads Audit

Account Structure Audit

Your bespoke audit will include an analysis of your current Bing Ads account, including looking at the structure of the account and analysing the search intent of your campaign keywords.

Campaign Audit

We’ll provide insight on your individual campaigns, assessing areas for improvement across ad copy, keywords, CPCs and more.

Conversion Optimisation

Taking a closer look at how your ads could be optimised for more conversions, whether it be more in-depth tracking an analysis or keyword selection.

Why Marketing Managers Choose Repeat?

Results Focused

ROI Focused

Our main aim is to drive revenue for your business, which is why we always look at the actual ROI of your Bing Ads campaigns to make sure they’re profitable.

Ongoing Improvements

Ongoing Improvements

We’re focused on making sure your campaigns are constantly optimised to produce the best results.



We understand that you want to be kept in the loop about the performance of your campaigns. That’s why we report to you frequently on key metrics.

Our Bing Ads Management Process

Step One

Client, Website and Industry Understanding

We approach all of our accounts like a partnership and work with you to get the best understanding of your business and industry as possible. Before launching any ads, we complete an in-depth research phase to understand the landscape of your industry, including competitor analysis.

Step One

Targeting and Keyword Research

Clicks and impressions mean nothing if they’re not from an audience who are going to convert. The keyword and target audience research phase allows us to get a better understanding of the search intent behind different keywords, ensuring we target the right ones for your goals.

Step One

Account Structure

A well structured Microsoft Bing Ads account is an important factor in ensuring the success of the ads. Our Account Managers will set up your campaigns taking into account what works for your goals now, as well as future-proofing them for scalability.

Step One

Ad Creation

It’s important that your ad copy aligns with your landing page copy, is optimised for conversions and is inline with your orverall brand messaging. Getting this part right is a huge step in ensuring the success of the Bing Ads campaigns.

Step One

Tracking and Optimisation

Our team use a mix of tracking software, including call monitoring, to assess the success of campaigns, ensuring all decisions are led by data. Call monitoring helps us establish the quality of leads and make tweaks to search terms.

Step One

Reporting and Collaboration

Every client will have regular reporting meetings with their dedicated account manager, keeping you up-to-date with the success and changes being made to your account. Reporting meetings are set up according to your schedule, whether you like to hear from us every week or every month.

Request Your Microsoft Bing Ads Audit

An audit allows us to analyse the current structure of your Bing Ads account, enabling us to provide suggestions for optimisation and how you can get the maximum ROI out of your account.

Microsoft Bing Ads FAQ’s

Why use Bing when Google is much more widely used?

Our clients often expand into Microsoft Advertising after seeing great results from their Google ad campaigns. After all, Bing is still used for 10% of searches in the UK. This, coupled with Bing’s generally lower CPC, can often lead to better results.

What ad budgets do you work with?

We work with a wide variety of Microsoft ad budgets. For example, one of our clients spends £250 per month in a 25 mile radius around Birmingham. Another client spends £1k targeting London. Often, the spend is on top of an already present Google Ads budget, but Microsoft Bing Ads can work well by themselves for the right businesses. We are happy to chat through whether this could be a good option for you!

Am I guaranteed a return on investment?

There are so many factors that contribute to a strong return on investment from Bing Ads. These are things such as the quality of your product or service, your competition, your past customer reviews, your website, and so much more. With all that in mind it would be foolish to guarantee a certain ROI.

Do I retain ownership of the account?

Yes! We aim to be super transparent at Repeat Digital. That means that you will always have full access and ownership to the Microsoft Advertising account. That means you can see everything we do inside the account. In the unlikely event that we part ways, you will retain the account and all the associated data.

How often do you report on the success of the ads?

As standard, we send monthly reports on the progress of your account, keeping you up to date with the changes we’re making to optimise the performance.

Some of our clients prefer more frequent communication and some like to be less involved. Whatever you’re preference, we can work on a reporting scheduled that works for you.

What do you use to track the ad performance?

It’s important to us that we get a well-rounded view of your ads’ performance so we can make optimisation decisions based on data. To help us do this we use a range of different tracking software, including Google Analytics and WhatConverts, which allows us to track and monitor lead forms and calls.

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