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We’re a specialist UK Google Ads management agency focused on delivering real ROI from your Google Ad campaigns.

What are Google Ads All About?

Envision your brand being the first thing potential customers see when they search on Google. Google Ads is the tool we utilise to make this vision come to life. It’s about placing your brand at the forefront of the world’s most popular search engine, capturing the attention of those who are actively seeking what you offer.

In simple terms, Google Ads is the process of creating targeted adverts that appear in Google’s search results. When someone searches for keywords that align with your business, your adverts can appear right at the top of the search results, marked as ‘sponsored’. The brilliance of this method? It allows for immediate visibility and drives targeted traffic directly to your website.

This approach is more than just advertising; it’s about strategic visibility and engagement. Google Ads campaigns are meticulously planned and executed to ensure that your adverts not only reach the right audience but also resonate with them. A successful Google Ads campaign can significantly boost your online presence, often leading to immediate and measurable results.

Opting for expert management of your Google Ads is essential. It involves a sophisticated understanding of keyword research, ad copywriting, and analytics. With professional expertise, your campaigns can effectively navigate the complexities of Google’s advertising platform, ensuring that your adverts not only reach but also engage your target audience, driving meaningful traffic and conversions for your business.

Google Ads Services UK

As a results-driven, collaborative Google Ads agency, we’ll work with you to really understand your business and create awesome strategies to drive more enquiries and ultimately, grow your business.

Google Ads services are our bread and butter, and we have built an experienced team of specialists who deliver strategy-led Google Ads management to drive growth for SMEs across the UK.

We love our clients and want them to feel like we’re a part of their company, not just an external agency that you hear from now and then.

We’re fully invested in your company’s growth, and consistently provide data-driven suggestions for improvements that can be made, even outside our core offerings. Our collaborative nature harbours an environment that encourages true partnerships between ourselves and our clients. This is what a Google Ads agency should be. An extension of your team.

Why Marketing Managers Choose Repeat

Results Focused

ROI Focused

We work closely with marketing managers to understand your business and your perfect client. This helps get you a great return on investment from your Google Ads.

Ongoing Improvements

Ongoing Improvements

Our Google Ads team are constantly reviewing your campaigns, making sure your ads are optimised for the best conversion rates.

Google Partners Agency

Google Partners Agency

All of our team members are certified and have certificates to prove it. That means you’ll only ever be dealing with an experienced Google Ads consultant.

How We Improve Your Google Ads Account

Managing a Google Ads account requires consistent attention and optimisation of a number of key elements, which are all included in our Google Ads management service.

A good Google Ads agency will take a holistic approach to improving your ad account, making sure that all elements of your marketing strategy work together to achieve a great ROI.


Step One

In-depth keyword research

We take the time to analyse and look into your company and industry to find a list of positive keywords to target within campaigns. Our team will ensure your Google Ads account is optimised for the right target audience.

Step Two

Collaborative seed keyword generation

We create a collaborative workspace with your marketing team to generate seed keywords that can be usefully used throughout campaigns.

Step Three

Business-specific strategies

We take the time to line out strategies specific to your business. This is done through understanding your business and the industry that surrounds it.

Step 4

Management of budget

Need management of your Google Ads budget? Not to worry, our team will take your budget and make sure that it’s being used in the right areas. 

Step 5

Competitor analysis

Alongside the management of your account, we will look at your direct competitors to see how their campaigns are performing.

Stpe 6

Creation of ad copy

Our team will look at the area of ad copy creation and collaborate with your marketing team to make sure quality content is being created.

Google Ads Service 7

Full conversion tracking and analysis

We utilise Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager alongside the added use of WhatConverts to track high-quality leads.

Google Ads Service 8

Regular easily digestible reporting

We provide transparent monthly reports to help you understand the work we provide and the results we gain from our campaigns.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Google Ads Management Agency

Google Ads, also known as Google pay-per-click (PPC) and formally known as Google AdWords, are one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. They allow your business, whatever the size, to appear at the top of Google through paid search, shopping and display campaigns.

As the most widely used search engine in the world, our Google Ads agency can put your business in front of the largest potential audience. The best thing is, you only pay when a person clicks your ad, pushing them to your website.

Whether you have been advertising on Google for a while and are looking to switch up your strategies, or you’re looking to embark on your Google Ads journey for the first time, our Google Ads agency will help you navigate it to achieve your goals.

audience reach with a google ads agency

Audience Reach

Google is the most used search engine in the world and has even grown beyond a brand to become a well-used verb. Google handles an average of 5 billion searches every single day. That’s a very large audience you can capitalise on, and is one of the greatest benefits of using Google Ads.

Brand Awareness

Build Brand Awareness

Many businesses choose to focus their Google Ads strategies on pay-per-click ads that drive conversions. However, Google Ads can be a lot more versatile than that and are a great way of increasing brand awareness. By using broader keywords, we can target larger audience groups, meaning more people see your brand logo, tagline and branding.

Customised Targeting

Customised Targeting

Through Google’s advanced targeting capabilities, businesses in all sectors are able to target every prospect at every stage of the buyer journey. We will develop strategies that target your most profitable audience groups, as well as developing and attracting new audience groups at the beginning of the sales funnel.

High Intent

High Intent Audience

With carefully keyword strategy and planning, the audiences seeing your ads will have high purchase intent. Unlike on social media platforms where ads might be interrupting a user’s browsing, your adverts will be helping people find what they’re looking for. This can lead to much greater ROI.

Request Your Free Bespoke Google Ads Audit

Account Structure Audit

Your Google Ads audit will include an overview and analysis of your account structure, looking at your match types and search intents of the keywords in your current ads.

Campaign Audit

We’ll provide insight on your individual campaigns, assessing areas for improvement across ad copy, keywords, CPCs and more.

Conversion Optimisation

Taking a closer look at how your ads could be optimised for more conversions, whether it be more in-depth tracking an analysis or keyword selection.

Our Google Ads Management Process

Step One

Client, website and industry understanding

It’s super important that we understand what you do and how your industry operates. That’s why we ask you some key questions to make sure you’re able to get the most out of your Google Ads. We also assess the competition, take the good stuff and steer clear of the bad.

Step One

Targeting and keyword research

We need to get your Google Ads in front of the right people, using the 1,000s of targeting options available to us. That’s why we go into overdrive with researching which targeting is best for you, and assessing search intents to pick out the highest-converting keywords for your goals.

Step One

Account structure

The foundation of a successful Google Ads account is a top quality account structure. This is why we plan out your campaigns, ad groups/sets, targeting and ads in advance. We’ll also take into account potential expansion in the future, as one of our main goals is to scale your ads to greater heights.

Step One

Ad creation

Our UK based agency team spend time crafting high-converting ad copy that drives results and aligns with your brand messaging and tone of voice. We ensure that all ads are also optimised for mobile, getting the most out of every platform.

Step One

Tracking and optimisation

Accurate conversion tracking is one of the most important aspects of a successful Google Ads campaign, and it is key in driving optimisation decisions. We use third-party tracking software to also track any phone calls, allowing us to assess the quality of leads. This data all contributes to the decisions we make throughout the consistent optimisation of your account.

Step One

Reporting and collaboration

Regular reporting sessions with your dedicated account manager are set up around your schedule so we can provide you with in-depth analysis on the performance of your account. It’s also incredibly helpful for us to get an insight into your business during these meetings. The more we understand about your business, the more value we can add.

Request your Google Ads audit

An audit is the best way to assess the current structure and performance of your Google Ads account. Our free audits provide an in-depth analysis of your account and campaigns, assessing areas that can be improved to maximise your ROI.

Google Ads agency FAQ’s

Can you improve my current Google Ads account?

We’d certainly like to think so! Most of our clients come to us after becoming disappointed with their current Google Ads management agency.

When we complete an audit of your Google Ads, we’ll let you know what we believe can be improved and what the expected outcome of the improvement is.

In order for us to take on a client, we must be confident that we can deliver enough value to warrant you working with us.

What ad budgets do you work with?

We work with a wide variety of Google ad budgets. For example, one of our clients spends £750 per month in a 20 mile radius around Nottingham. Another client spends £15k targeting the whole of the UK. We do have a minimum ad spend of £500. 

How can I start advertising on Google?

Whilst anyone is able to begin advertising their business on Google, the platform is highly technical and expansive and therefore is best operated with specialist knowledge. As Google Ads partners, we are able to access the full suite of insights in order to truly assess how your ads are performing.

Why did Google Ads change from AdWords?

Google AdWords was the former name for Google Ads and had been around for 18 years. During this time, trends in how people are using the internet have changed dramatically, for example, people are now using mobile to search, and so, the move to Google Ads marks their evolution to keep up with the changing industry.

It just means we had to rebrand ourselves from a Google AdWords agency to a Google Ads agency!

Am I guaranteed a return on investment?

There are so many factors that contribute to a strong return on investment from Google Ads. These are things such as the quality of your product or service, your competition, your past customer reviews, your website, and so much more. With all that in mind, it would be foolish to guarantee a certain ROI from our Google Ads management.

Do I retain ownership of the account?

Yes! We aim to be super transparent at Repeat Digital. That means that you will always have full access and ownership to the Google Ads account. That means you can see everything we do inside the account. In the unlikely event that we part ways, you will retain the account and all the associated data.

Do you only work with businesses from Derby or Nottingham?

No! We have many lovely local Derby & Nottingham based clients who are very dear to us. However, we also work with many companies across the UK and also have clients in the US, UAE & Europe. 

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