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What Exactly is PPC All About?

Imagine your brand catching the eye of potential customers at the very moment they’re searching for what you offer. PPC, or Pay Per Click, is the strategy we deploy to make this happen. It’s about placing your brand in the spotlight on search engines and other digital platforms when people search for keywords relevant to your services.

In simple terms, PPC is the art of attracting targeted traffic to your website through well-crafted adverts. When someone types in a search query that matches your chosen keywords, your advert appears, often marked as ‘sponsored’, right where they can’t miss it. The brilliance of this method? You only incur a cost when someone actually clicks on your advert, making it a cost-effective approach.

This approach is more than just advertising; it’s about strategic visibility. PPC campaigns are meticulously planned and executed to ensure that your adverts not only reach the right audience but also resonate with them. A successful PPC campaign can significantly boost your online presence, often leading to immediate and measurable results.

Choosing experts for your PPC campaigns is crucial. It’s a sophisticated balance of market understanding, keyword research, and creative ad design. With professional expertise, you can navigate the complexities of PPC and avoid common pitfalls, ensuring your adverts not only reach but also engage your target audience, driving meaningful traffic to your website.

Strategy-Led PPC Management Agency

As a specialist PPC management agency, we deliver strategy-led ads management to maximise your ROI. Not familiar with PPC? That’s okay, we also create PPC strategies for websites that have not invested previously. 

We work across a range of channels, including Google Ads, Paid Social, and Bing Ads, to produce ad campaigns that help grow businesses across the board. If you are already running ads or have previously run ads, we offer free account audits to point out areas of improvement that we can help with.

Our team are highly trained in building results-driven ad strategies and managing budgets of all sizes to get the most out of your paid channels.

Our Pay Per Click Marketing services

We offer a full range of PPC services, ensuring that we are able to provide a mix of channels that work for the goals your company are looking to achieve. A range of paid social, paid search and remarketing services gives us the opportunity to build integrated strategies.

Google Ads PPC Services

Google Ads

Our Google Ads specialists build strategic ads campaigns that work towards reducing your cost-per-click and maximising your ROI across Google Search and Google Shopping channels. Our data-led approach allows you to get the most visibility and sales from your budget.

Bing Ads PPC Service

Microsoft Bing Ads

Microsoft Bing Ads, for many businesses, can be a great addition to existing paid search strategies, or an alternative, often cheaper, choice. Bing is an ever-growing search engine and also powers other search engines such as DuckDuckGo and Yahoo, so can often be the better choice for businesses in certain niches.

Facebook Ads Services

Facebook Ads

Paid social is an important element in any integrated PPC strategy and can be one of the best channels for driving growth, even for B2B companies. Our Facebook and Instagram ads management takes into account the ever-changing paid social landscape, building agile strategies that grow and change with your business.

Remarketing Ads Services

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are a critical part of any PPC strategy, ensuring that any lost leads are targeted at a later point in their buyer journey. Our PPC team build retargeting strategies across display channels as well as paid social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Latest Client Results


Tallents Solicitors PPC Case Study

Tallents Solicitors

Navitas Safety PPC Case Study

Navitas Safety

Comprehensive Case Study

Comprehensive Security

Our PPC Management Process

Step One

Industry Analysis

The first step we take in any PPC strategy is to conduct an in-depth industry and competitor analysis to get a full understanding of the landscape you’re operating in. We take a look at the campaigns your competitors are producing, ensuring we develop strategies that stand out from others in the category.

Step One

Targeting and Keyword Research

With the thousands of targeting options available, this phase of research before building any ads campaigns is critical in ensuring your ads strategies are successful, and target the right consumers at the right stage of the funnel.

Step One

Strategy and Ad Building

Building strong foundations for any PPC ad will be critical to their success. Before setting any ads live, we spend time developing account structure strategies that will provide room for your account to grow as your business does. Then we get to work creating ads that align with your company messaging, offer and your audience.

Step One


Arguably the most important step in any PPC campaign is the tracking. We work with a range of tracking software to consistently analyse your pay per click campaigns, allowing us to build new strategies based on data.

Step One

Ad Optimisation

Armed with a wealth of data from our well-rounded tracking software stack, our specialist account managers will continually work to optimise your ad accounts, getting the most out of your budget. Our team take an agile approach to PPC management, changing strategies based on data and industry updates.

Step One

Results Reporting

Whenever we work with a client, we view it as a partnership, and that includes ensuring all parties are up to date on the development of the ad accounts. We hold regular results reporting meetings with our clients, analysising your data and collaborating to guarantee all PPC strategies are aligned with your business goals.

Request Your Free Bespoke PPC Audit & Strategy

Google Ads Strategy

Your bespoke audit will include an in-depth analysis of your Google Ads account, taking a look a account structure, opportunities for conversions and new channels such a Google Shopping, as well as ad copy and individual campaign ideas.

Paid Social Strategy

Whatever channels you’re currently running paid social ads on, we’ll audit your accounts, providing analysis on your targeting, ad copy and ad creative.

Remarketing Strategy

We’ll dive into your remarketing ads and identify any missed opportunities as well as improvements that could be made to your current strategy and campaigns.

Why Choose Repeat?

Results Focused

ROI focused

We work closely with you to understand your business and your perfect client. This helps get you a great return on investment from your search engine and social media ads. We love our clients which is why we want to deliver results worth celebrating.

Ongoing Improvements

Ongoing improvements

Our pay per click advertising team are constantly reviewing your campaigns, making sure your ads are supercharged for the best conversion rates. 

Google Partners Agency

Google Partners agency

All of our team members are certified and have certificates to prove it. That means you’ll only ever be dealing with an experienced Google Ads consultant.

PPC Agency FAQ’s

How do you review and optimise our accounts?

Our PPC Account Managers use a range of tracking tools, including Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, ReportingNinja and WhatConverts to consistently track and report on the success of your campaigns.

We also hold regular reporting meetings with our clients to keep you updated on the changes we’re making to your account.

What industries do you have experience working with?

Each of our PPC Account Managers bring to the table a different set of expertise, having worked with accounts across a huge range of industries. We specialise in lead-generation business, and have worked with industries like Law, Accountancy, Events and more.

If you’d like to see more about our experience, check out our case studies page for some of the amazing clients we’ve worked with.

What performance metrics will you put in place?

Our goal is always to maximise your ROI, and the goals we track for your individual account will directly reflect this. We take our account set-up on a case-by-case basis, so the metrics we track for your company will be chosen carefully to fit your business goals.

How do you minimise wasted ad spend?

There are a number of things we optimise for to reduce any wasted ad spend. We will always monitor your account to build keyword strategies based on keyword intent, optimising your campaigns for the highest intent search terms. 

A lot of wasted budget can also be avoided with accurate audience targeting.

How much paid ad spend do you manage?

Over the last year, we’ve managed £2,477,504.12 worth of ad spend. We like to think this provides proof in that we know how to run incredible PPC campaigns.

Our clients will vouch for us wholeheartedly and many of them have even offered to speak with our prospects to share their experience of working with us.

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