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What is Facebook Ads Management?

Facebook, alongside it’s sister-platform Instagram, is an awesome and powerful social media advertising channel for marketers, with over 3.6 billion combined users.

Facebook Ads often requires a very different strategy to Google Ads. Facebook offers a vast amount of ad creation and audience targeting options, allowing you to really refine the targeting to your ideal customer. With Facebook’s advanced targeting tools, it’s one of the best options for targeting your consumers based on interests, demographics, age, and even things like marital status. This means you get the right brand message to the right customer while they’re scrolling through their news feed or viewing Facebook or Instagram stories.

We can also use this information to create remarketing audiences, capturing the users that have previously engaged with your brand, and bringing them back for more. This is a highly effective method of advertising and is enhanced by Facebook’s incredible amount of data.

Measuring your ROI with paid social is easy thanks to our conversion tracking methods.

Facebook Ads services

Remarketing_Facebook Ads Services


Facebook allows you to advertise to customers based on when they last viewed your website or purchased from you, with the use of its targeting pixel.

This allows you to capture a unique audience who have already shown interest in your business, and target them through Facebook.

Audience Mirroring_Facebook Ads Services

Audience Mirroring

By looking at who your current customers are, we can build an idea of who your future customers are likely to be and build audiences based on this.

Audience mirroring allows us to create new audiences that are similar to those already engaging with your business.

Outbound Marketing_Facebook Ads

Outbound Marketing

With Facebook Ads often being cheaper per click than some paid search advertising, and its advanced options for targeting, it is a great way to target new markets.

Data is king, and Facebook is certainly not short of data on its users. This, combined with its ability to target audiences geographically, makes it a great, cost-effective advertising option.

Integrated Campaigns_Facebook Ads

Integrated Campaigns

Facebook Ads work particularly well when they are combined with other advertising strategies. Showing your brand to your audience across multiple platforms is more likely to get them to notice and engage.

Why choose Repeat for your Facebook Ads?

Results focused

We work closely with you to understand your business and your ideal client. This helps get you great results from your Facebook Ads company.

Ongoing improvements

Unlike other agencies, we continuously improve your Facebook ad campaigns. Our regular account checks ensure your budget is utilised as effectively as possible.

Experienced digital team

All of our team members live and breathe digital marketing. That means you’ll only ever be dealing with an experienced paid social consultant.


Gained an 800% increase in enquiries

Spaghetti Maths is an educational franchise who go into schools and public places to teach maths to children.

The goal for Spaghetti Maths was to increase the number of franchise opportunity enquiries and to ultimately increase the number of Spaghetti Maths franchises around the UK. Facebook Ads paid social were the perfect fit for this, and we were able to generate a massive 800% increase in their enquiries, as well as an average of 87 form fill-ins per month.

Spaghetti Maths Paid Social Case Study

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