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LinkedIn ads provide B2B companies with the opportunity to reach key decision makers in their target market.

What Does a LinkedIn Ads Agency Do?

Picture your brand making meaningful connections in the professional world of LinkedIn. A LinkedIn Ads Agency is the specialist you need to turn this vision into reality. It’s about leveraging LinkedIn’s unique network of professionals to position your brand in front of a highly targeted, business-oriented audience.

In simple terms, a LinkedIn Ads Agency creates and manages advertising campaigns specifically designed for LinkedIn. When professionals browse their LinkedIn feeds or engage with content, your adverts appear, tailored to resonate with their business interests and needs. The beauty of this? LinkedIn ads allow for precise targeting based on job titles, industries, and professional interests, ensuring your message reaches the right people.

This service is more than just running ads; it’s about strategic business engagement. Effective LinkedIn advertising involves crafting adverts that speak directly to professionals, combining insightful content with compelling calls to action. A well-managed LinkedIn ad campaign can significantly enhance your brand’s professional presence, drive B2B engagement, and generate leads.

Opting for a specialised LinkedIn Ads Agency is crucial. It requires a deep understanding of LinkedIn’s advertising platform, professional user behaviour, and B2B marketing strategies. With expert management, your LinkedIn campaigns can achieve optimal performance, ensuring your brand not only reaches but also engages a high-calibre professional audience, driving meaningful business results.

LinkedIn Ads Agency for B2B Companies

LinkedIn Ads services are a goldmine for B2B companies, with the platform boasting over 400 million users and great targeting options.

When executed correctly, LinkedIn Ads services provide businesses with the opportunity to reach key decision-makers at companies in their target industries and convert them into customers.

We specialise in running paid social ads for B2B lead generation businesses, putting in place ad funnels and strategies that produce high-quality conversions.

Why Marketing Managers Choose Repeat

Results Focused

Results Focused

We work closely with marketing managers to understand your business in depth so we can target the right audience from the start and produce the best possible ROI from your LinkedIn ads.

Ongoing Improvements

Ongoing Improvements

We regularly check on your LinkedIn campaigns to ensure they’re optimised for your audience, so we can do more of the things that are doing well and less of the things that aren’t.

Experienced Digital Team

Experienced Digital Team

Marketing professionals trust us because we have an expert team that are specialists within their field. You’ll always be dealing with a dedicated LinkedIn ads specialist with your campaigns. 

Benefits of Creating LinkedIn Ads

Many companies may be concerned that LinkedIn Ads are expensive compared to other paid social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, there’s good reason for it.

LinkedIn offers a range of benefits that you just don’t get on other platforms.

High Quality

High-Quality Traffic

LinkedIn offers great targeting options, allowing advertisers to target based on industry, company size, job role etc. and as such, produces high-quality traffic that is likely to convert into customers. Your CPC may be higher than other platforms but this is reflected in the high quality of traffic.

LinkedIn ads agency Remarketing

Remarketing Capabilities

LinkedIn allows you to remarket to all users on your website, whether they originally came from a LinkedIn ad or another source.

This allows you to populate your remarketing audience faster, building up data and optimising your campaigns with a quick turnaround.

Lower Cost

Low Cost Formats

Whilst the more complex LinkedIn ads formats such as videos and InMail can be on the pricier side, formats like text ads and single image ads are a great option for high impressions at a lower cost.

Multiple Formats

Multiple Formats

LinkedIn ads are a great option if you’re looking to mix up your strategy with different formats. They provide options to create text ads, follower ads, InMail and the standard in-feed video and image ads. This allows advertisers to target users at different points in their buyer journey, as well as building strategies that feel more personalised.

Request Your Free LinkedIn Ads Audit

Campaign Setup

LinkedIn ads require strong strategy development in order to produce the best ROI. In your audit will will dive into your account set up and assess the structure of your funnels, providing suggestions on how best to optimise them for high conversions.

Audience Audit

A huge part of a successful LinkedIn campaign comes from targeting the right audience at the right stage of the buyer funnel. We’ll take a look at your ad audiences and provide you with key actions to take to improve your targeting.

Ad Copy And Creative

Many B2B brands are still producing boring, cliché ads that are no longer converting customers. Part of your audit will involve looking at your ad creative and copy, providing suggestions for best performing creative based on our extensive experience working with ads.

LinkedIn Ads Services Don’t Have To Be Expensive

One of the main sticking points in running LinkedIn Ads is often the perception that they’re too expensive compared to other social platforms but executed correctly they can convert customers at amazing CPCs.

The majority of B2B ads are boring, lack the correct targeting and have poor strategies behind them, leading to low conversion rates and high costs. As a LinkedIn ads agency, we build conversion-focused funnels that actually produce results.

Our LinkedIn Ads services allow you to hand over a huge chunk of work to us, managing all your campaigns and writing high-converting copy for your ads.

Request Your LinkedIn Ads Audit

Whether you’re running LinkedIn ads and are ready to start outsourcing them, want to switch agencies or are just beginning to run ads, the best way to start with us is with a LinkedIn ads audit.

LinkedIn Ads FAQ’s

How much should we spend on LinkedIn Ads?

Like any channel, the budget that you assign to LinkedIn Ads will depend on your overall marketing budget and how many other channel you’re running ads on. However, we do recommend spending a minimum of £500/month on LinkedIn in order to receive enough data and conversions to optimise your account.

What types of companies do LinkedIn Ads work best for?

We often see the best ROI from LinkedIn Ads for companies with high lifetime order values, simply because of the often higher CPA on LinkedIn. However, they can definitely work for lower cost services given the right budget and development of strategy.

What is a good CTR for LinkedIn Ads?

The CTR on LinkedIn Ads is often quite low as users tend to view ads without clicking through to your website, this doesn’t mean they aren’t going to convert. We would expect to see around a 0.4% CTR on prospecting ads and a higher CTR of around 1% for remarketing ads.

What can you do to optimise my LinkedIn Ads?

Our LinkedIn management service involves consistently checking and optimising your ad account to ensure you’re consistently pushing for the best results and highest ROI. One of the things we can do to optimise your account is tweak your audience targeting, going after audiences that have the highest chance of converting.

We will also monitor the performance of all your campaigns and make decisions on which ads to pause based on their performance. Pausing campaigns with poorer performance will allow you to focus your spend on the ads that convert best.

How do you measure the success of my LinkedIn Ads?

We’re not interested in looking at vanity metrics, our optimisations are always based on the end goal which is ROI and conversions. 

We track the performance of ads in the LinkedIn Ads manager, as well as in Google Analytics and call-tracking software, WhatConvverts.

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