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Establishing strong local SEO services that can help get your business seen by the right people in your area.

What is local SEO all about?

Imagine your business becoming the go-to choice in your local community. Local SEO is the strategy we use to make this happen. It’s about optimising your online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches. This means when people in your area search for services you offer, your business appears right where they can see it.

In simple terms, Local SEO involves tailoring your website and online content to rank higher in search results for local queries. It’s like putting up a digital signpost that guides local customers straight to your door. The beauty of this? It connects you directly with customers in your area who are actively seeking your services.

This approach is more than just general SEO; it’s about targeting your efforts to a local audience. Effective Local SEO includes optimising your Google My Business listing, garnering local reviews, and ensuring your website mentions local landmarks and keywords. A well-managed Local SEO strategy can significantly boost your visibility in your community, leading to increased foot traffic and local enquiries.

Choosing experts for your Local SEO is crucial. It requires an understanding of local search trends, community-specific content, and location-based marketing tactics. With professional guidance, your business can dominate local search results, becoming a familiar and trusted name in your local area.

Specialist Local SEO Agency

93% of customers search for local businesses online using Google or other traditional search engines. Building a strong local SEO strategy can ensure your business is found in these millions of searches.

We are a specialist local SEO agency based between Nottingham & Derby in leafy Long Eaton. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses generate high-quality enquiries by achieving top keyword rankings in search results across Google, Bing and other search engines.

As a specialist agency, our account managers are highly experienced in SEO, with experience working with a huge range of businesses, whether that’s service or product based. Our extensive experience allows us to apply learnings from other industries and establish high-growth strategies for your local business, from the get-go.

Why Marketing Managers Choose Repeat

Results Focused

ROI Focused

When providing you with a local SEO strategy we focus on improving ROI for your website, working with Marketing Managers to understand your business and clients’ search journey. We look at tracking tools, measuring what is important, and feeding this back to your marketing team with monthly reports.

Ongoing Improvements

Ongoing Improvement

We monitor your local SEO strategy regularly to find ways to improve the quantity and quality of visitors to your website and Google My Business profile. We use monitoring tools to help us analyse and find opportunities to grow and report this to you monthly. 



We understand that you want to be kept in the loop about local SEO and how it impacts your website. Our regular reporting meetings make sure you’re always up to date with how we’re improving the performance and rankings of your website.

What’s Included in our Local SEO Services?

As a local SEO agency we know that it is more than just creating a Google Business profile and letting it do its thing. Much like national SEO strategies that would be created for larger businesses, local SEO is a service that is a long term investment in your business and its growth.

A successful local SEO strategy will include many of the elements you would expect of any other form of SEO, including optimising technical site elements, content and backlinks.

Backlinking Strategy

Local Backlink Building

A strong backlink profile is important for every business and highly ranking website, whether you are a local business or operating internationally. Local SEO involves building backlinks for your site that are relevant to your service area, establishing higher authority for your site and bringing in new leads.

Rank Tracking

Rank Tracking

Part of your local SEO strategy will involve building a list of high-quality keywords relevant to your business and local area, allowing you to appear at the top of Google for keywords that will drive traffic and conversions. 

Local SEO agency - Content

Local Content

Creating website content optimised for your local area is important in ensuring your site ranks highly for your service area. Your content should focus on distributing information relevant to your local community such as ‘best of’ round ups and local news.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

All websites require maintenance to ensure any technical issues that may hinder ranking and growth are caught early and fixed, local SEO is no different.

Request Your Local SEO Audit

The best way to get started with your local SEO strategy is to request a free audit in which our account managers will assess your site, current keywords and content, providing actionable ideas for improvement.

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How Does Local SEO Differ From National SEO?

The key difference between local SEO and more traditional, national SEO is the keyword emphasis. With national SEO, it’s important to target high-intent keywords that are relevant across the UK and nationally. On the other hand, local businesses should focus on targeting high-intent keywords that are relevant to your area. 

Both blog and web page content should be carefully crafted to bring in relevant, high-quality traffic to your site and have the highest chance of converting into sales for your local product or service.

Request Your Free Local SEO Audit

Keyword Analysis

In order to drive high-quality traffic to your site, it’s important that your site content is targeting the right set of keywords. Your free audit will analyse the keywords you’re currently ranking for and identify any opportunities.

Content Suggestions

Content makes up a massive part of any successful SEO strategy. Your SEO audit will provide suggestions for articles you could rank well for, taking into account the quality of the traffic that content will bring.

Website Health

It’s nearly impossible to rank well and gain traffic to a site with poor site health and a lot of technical issues. This SEO audit will identify any key issues that could be holding you back and how they can be fixed to improve rankings.

Local SEO FAQ’s

How long will it take to see results?

Much like ‘normal’ SEO, local SEO is a longer term strategy and you shouldn’t expect to see an immediate increase in leads or conversions. That being said, if you are starting from scratch, simple changes like creating a Google Business Profile can have a big impact on how and when you show up on Google and therefore the enquiries you receive. The key with SEO is to be patient.

How do you track the success of local SEO?

We use a range of third-party software to ensure we are always keeping track of how the changes we’re making are improving your site and enquiries. We work closely with programs such as SEMrush and SEranking to keep track of your relevant keywords and your ranking positions for these keywords. Before starting any work, KPIs will be established based on your individual goals and success monitored against these.

How much does SEO cost?

We work with a range of SEO budgets and even the smaller budgets can have a big impact on your business. The amount you spend will depend on the size of your business and website but we do have a minimum management fee of £500 monthly.

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