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Using Google Adwords can be a very powerful digital marketing tool that can provide rapid results if used correctly.

Marketing is becoming more and more online/digital based and using Google Adwords is at the forefront of this.

Most of Google’s revenue comes from Google Adwords, which just shows you the scope of how successful it is as a digital marketing channel. Millions of small, medium and global businesses use it.

The reason it’s so powerful is that you are advertising to large amounts of potential customers who are searching for your services or products. These people then click through to your website giving you the chance to sell to them online.

If you’re not using Google Adwords or not using it to its full potential you should seriously reconsider this. Also, keep in mind that running an Adwords account yourself can lead to a lot of wasted money. It’s best to bring in a specialist as the return you would receive with them should easily outweigh their costs. Choose your agency carefully though, as there can be a lot of money grabbers that don’t put much work into your account.

Here are the main reasons why you should be using Google Adwords.

Increased Leads and Sales using Google Adwords

As mentioned briefly above, but the fact that you can choose keywords that relate to your business and create adverts that appear when people search for these keywords means you’re driving relevant potential customers to your website. 

Once they’re on your website, they may go on to enquire about your services by giving you a phone call or filling out a contact form, so hopefully, your website is up to scratch and has lots of great content on it.  

Adwords is Flexible

Adwords is like a tap for traffic and potential leads to your website. You can turn it on and off at will.

This is what makes it so flexible. Businesses of all sizes can make use of the platform as you don’t need a massive budget, in fact, you could just spend a few pounds for a few days just to test it out and then turn it off.

We don’t recommend doing this as you may struggle to achieve results and optimise with such a low investment, especially as Adwords can be complicated if doing it yourself. It’s best to get a specialist in.

We here at Repeat Digital do offer a start-up service if you would like to test Google Adwords. We provide you with a free £75 Adwords voucher (Adwords requires you to invest £25 for the free £75 to be applicable). Then we will run your Adwords for the duration of the total £100 spend for free. We do this to show you how useful it can be to your business and you’ll have no choice but to continue working with us. Also, don’t worry there’s no contract!

Return On Investment that is Scalable

Pay per click and Adwords is one of the most profitable marketing channels around. An account that has been continually optimised to a high standard should be delivering great returns on your advertising budget.

Unlike other channels, when you start hitting ROI targets the account can then be scaled by investing more into the Adwords platform. As long as the account is of a high standard, more investment equals more clicks and traffic to your website and in turn that should create more leads and sales for your business.

Fast Results

With Adwords, you can start sending high quality, relevant traffic to your website almost instantly. This is great for new businesses as it puts them on the map right away and it’s a good way to see how potential website visitors are interacting with your new company website, through Google Analytics (don’t worry we’ll cover Google Analytics in another blog soon).

This is a big plus compared with its SEO counterpart (these are the listings below the adverts on the Google listings page), which can take months to see results from. You can also use the data collected from Adwords keyword performance to base your SEO campaign on.

Google Ads Search Listing - Teapots

It’s Not Just Search

When you think of Google Adwords you mostly envisage searching for particular keywords in Google and then seeing advertisements. In fact, there are many other areas to it.

Another powerful tool Adwords has to offer is display advertising. We have seen brilliant results, particularly with display remarketing. This is after people have visited your site and then are shown eye catching image ads around the Google Display Network, which covers 90% of the internet! It’s super effective as it reminds the visitor about your brand and offering.

There’s also Google Shopping, which is the adverts for the products appearing at the top of the page. These work well because the customer has already seen the product image and the price before clicking, which means their interest in buying the product is already high.

We could go on to talk about Youtube advertising and Gmail ads here, but we’ll save them for another blog.

If you’re thinking about starting a Google Adwords account give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide some free advice.