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Will Google Adwords Work

Will Google Adwords work? Well, if everything is in place, Google Adwords can provide a really great return on investment. Here are a few key factors that will decide if Google Adwords is a good fit for your business.


How much is a new client worth to your business?


This is important as it effectively tells you how much you can afford to spend on Adwords to convert a new client. Don’t just think about the upfront fee they will pay you, think about the potential repeat business, referrals they may bring in through word of mouth and case studies you can build based on your work with them.


How expensive are your keywords?


Keywords can range from as little as 10p a click up to £20+ a click. Generally, this depends on the value of a conversion, if a conversion would grant your business a contract worth £10,000, then you’ll be looking at higher cost per click keywords.


We can compile data from Google Keyword Planner to see how much keywords, relevant to your business, are likely to cost per click. We then use this data to create a Google Adwords opportunity plan that shows you how much a campaign will cost in total and the predicted return on investment.


How much can you afford to invest?


This is again focussed on the cost of your keywords and if they’re expensive you’re more likely to need a bigger budget.


We’ve run successful campaigns with budgets of £100 per month, up to £100,000 per month. In our Google Adwords opportunity plan, we give the minimum budget required to run a successful Adwords campaign for your business. We also give a recommended budget and a budget that allows you to dominate your market.


Are your campaigns being run by a specialist?


Google Adwords can be quite complicated as there are hundreds of features. We don’t recommend doing it yourself as this will lead to a lot of wasted budget and you’ll make a far superior return by using a specialist.


Will Google Adwords work? Yes, it might!


If you would like a free Google Adwords opportunity plan, then get in contact and we can produce one for your business to see if Google Adwords will work for you. Email us on [email protected] or give us a call on 0115 718 0450 for more information!